Daily Plant Horoscope: Empathy and Spiritual Connection

November 6, 2017


The sun is in intense Scorpio, and tomorrow Venus moves from Libra into Scorpio as well.

This move supports us in taking a dive down into the depths of feeling and meaning.

Venus always works to make experiences more enjoyable and pleasurable. She helps to find the beauty in everything, and elevates every moment. We are moving away from, but still feeling the effects of, Friday’s trine between the Scorpio sun and Neptune in Pisces, which formed a strong connection between reality and spirit. This is visionary energy, great for creating art, and for tapping into a more empathic way of being.
Take advantage of that visionary energy by increasing your self-awareness! 

The positive relationship of a trine amplifies the combination of the two planets. So, the action-oriented sun – in the sign of intense, deep feeling – was vibing hard with the deeply intuitive and mystical Neptune, at home in Pisces.

This heightens our sensitivity, to everything inside and around us. With Venus now entering the realm of Scorpio, we can use Echinacea to take advantage of this heightened state.

We’ll take a cue from the Plains Indians, where Echinacea is native, who used the plant both for the illness fighting properties we use it for today, and also as a spiritual bolster, to strengthen a sacred connection. Many people today take Echinacea as a tea or a tincture, to fight off a cold or a flu. It has antibiotic properties, and combats infection.

When we are in a time of extreme sensitivity, with this sun-Neptune aspect, we need a plant ally who will provide a protective buffer, strengthen our defenses, and accompany us into higher realms.

Echinacea can do all of this.

The flower of echinacea is related to the daisy. Its petals are purple, the color of spiritual connection, although it is sometimes the root that is incorporated into a tea or tincture, and tt is best used at the very first signs of illness. This awareness itself encourages us to be in tune with our intuition and hone our skills of sensitivity, making this the perfect grounding element for today’s trine.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: Use echinacea paired with goldenseal for an immune-boosting powercombo!