Death, Rebirth, and the Power of Mushroom Magic

April 30, 2018

Yesterday, the moon was full in Scorpio. Today, it trines Neptune in Pisces. These are both deep and vast signs, offering us a chance to go deeper into our own emotional landscape.

The best ally for this would be mushrooms, as they are deeply spiritual and symbiotically connected to the earth, trees, and even us.

Mushrooms carry ancient wisdom that we can access and benefit from by ingesting them.
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The reishi mushroom is one that is being used more frequently due to its many health benefits. Commonly used for longevity, it is an adaptogen, which means it helps to balance the entire body, regulating the immune system and working against stress. It is highly restorative in this way, and it even has a myth of resurrection in its history.

Reishi also helps to cleanse and support the liver, which is the body’s detox center. Usually dried and ground into a powder, reishi is then used in teas and tinctures. It has a bitter taste, so it is often added to something like hot cocoa to mask the flavor a bit. It is edible when fresh, but the taste and texture lend themselves less to eating and more to brewing.

The fresh mushroom can be brewed for tea, again adding cocoa or ginger to mask the bitterness. Its relationship to death and decay, as mushrooms grow on and recycle dead matter, seems a fitting match for Scorpio energy, which is the sign dealing most closely with death. And it works within the death and rebirth cycle, which Pisces is linked to as the last sign of the zodiac and the sign of the spiritual world.

Using reishi mushroom honors our place within this cycle and therefore honors both the physical and spiritual selves that coexist within us.
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