Does This Meditation Hold the Key to Your Future?

May 16, 2018

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable.
Take one slow, deep breath
to reconnect with your own magic.
Then dive all the way into this vision
and see what happens.


See yourself standing next to a huge wall that seems to go on forever.  It stretches out as far as your eye can see.

There are all kinds of doors all along the wall but every single one is locked.

If you could see yourself from an aerial view, you would see yourself on one side of the wall and so many things you desire all lined up on the other side.

Every experience, possession, feeling, and event you’ve ever deeply desired is on the other side of the wall, waiting for you, ready to go.

The wall is made up of resistance, habitual clinging to an old way of being, a misunderstanding that’s paradoxically blocking your flow.

From where you stand, the wall goes on forever, all the doors are locked, and everything that you want is lined up on the other side.  You are separated from your own highest desires.

See yourself sit down and start to meditate.

See yourself meditating softly, in a friendly and non-expectant kind of way.  

As you sit there, being still and non-reactive, all your worry about the wall of resistance dissipates naturally.

Feel raucous positivity and good feelings begin to seep deeply into every cell of your body, transforming every strand of your DNA.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

See your meditating self-experience a moment of instant transcendence as the wall disappears into thin air, through no effort of your own.

Just like that, the things you desire line up and begin flowing into your life.  Free, unhindered, you offer no resistance, all allowing.  

Feel the joyous, ecstatic energy of this beautiful instant karma.  See how much goodness you can let in.  Let the goodness flow around you and wash over you.

Enjoy.  Let yourself have it all.