Double Moon Magic: Harness the Power of Two Capricorn Full Moons

June 21, 2024

Summer 2024 is proving itself to be an eventful one, kicking off with the summer solstice energy of renewal and expansion, followed by a powerful Capricorn full moon on June 21. This full moon is a special one because we have not one, but two Capricorn full moons back to back, a rare occurrence that will bring a double dose of the goat’s cardinal earth energy. We will get into the energy of the full moons and what you can expect, but first let’s talk about the significance of the moon and its cycle, and why you should follow along. 

The Significance of the Moon’s Cycle

The moon has been associated with fertility and germination (the process of something coming into existence) since the beginning of time. The harvesting of crops was tied to the phases of the moon and it has been a symbol of nurturing and fertility for thousands of years. In astrology, the moon represents our inner self – emotions, how we’re nurtured, what feels like “home,” our mother or most nurturing parent, ancestry/roots and what we need to feel emotionally fulfilled. The sun and the moon are the two luminaries in astrology, and since the moon gets its light from the sun, its symbolism of receptivity can be compared to how we are affected, not only by our own emotions, but by the emotions of others. Following the moon’s phases and the zodiac sign it is in can provide incredible insight to help you navigate each day. 

The Moon’s Phases

Each moon phase is 45-degrees and 1/8th of the zodiac wheel. When the moon is waxing, it is growing in light and when it is waiting, it is losing light. The full moon is a representation of the moon’s journey to 180-225 degrees from the new moon at 0-45 degrees. New moons are times for “planting seeds,” and new beginnings. The moon slowly grows to a Crescent Moon (45-90 degrees), 1st Quarter Moon (90-135 degrees), Gibbous Moon (135-180 degrees) and finally reaches its full phase, which represents a culmination. The next three phases are Disseminating, 3rd Quarter and Balsamic, until the process starts all over again. So why is this important? The moon is the fastest moving planetary body in astrology and changes signs every 2.5 days, so in addition to its cycle, the energy of the sign that it is in adds a unique flair to how emotions are being expressed by us all on this physical plane. Looking at the moon sign and its phase in your birth chart can provide important insight into your emotional needs. And following the moon phase and zodiac sign it is in for the day, can help you understand your own and others’ emotional response to what is happening at the time. 

A Double Dose of Capricorn Energy

June 21, 2024, there is a Capricorn full moon at 6:08 pm PST / 9:08 pm EST. Full moons are typically associated with culminations, endings, and seeing the fruits of your labor, but there is a special “newness” associated with this full moon because it happens the day after the summer solstice, and it occurs at 1 degree of Capricorn. The moon sits opposite not only the sun as it usually does during the full moon cycle, but also Venus and Mercury. This puts a special emphasis on communication and relationships of all kinds. With Saturn being the ruler of Capricorn, there may be a need to have a serious conversation that stems from how you’ve been feeling about a particular situation. 

A month later the next full moon is also in Capricorn on July 21, 2024 at 3:17 am PST / 6:17 am EST at 29 degrees Capricorn, the last degree before the moon moves into Aquarius. It is significant that the first Capricorn full moon happens at the first degree of the sign and this second one at the last degree. This second full moon brings the chance to “reap what was sown” from full moon to full moon. The July Capricorn full moon makes a positive aspect to Neptune (dreams and vision), Mars (action), and Uranus (change). You will have the chance to move forward on a new path. The moon also sits next to Pluto (transformation) and squares off with Chiron (healing). This is a transformative time, but it will take sacrifice and work (Saturn). has teamed up with Ophi & Tali, The Astrotwins, to bring you A Summer of Success, so you can activate abundance through your birth chart, kicking off with the first Capricorn full moon. I asked them about the significance of two back-to-back Capricorn full moons: “ Two full moons in Capricorn means that we get a double-dose of this zodiac sign’s ambitious, goal-oriented energy. There’s always ONE Capricorn full moon every summer, during Cancer season, but because of the timing of the year’s lunar cycles we get two. The first one is on June 21 (the very start of Cancer season) and the next Capricorn full moon is on July 21 (the very end of Cancer season). Full moons are moments of manifestation and this summer could bring an abundant harvest of luck for our professional aspirations.”

Capricorn Full Moons for Each Zodiac Sign

One of the beautiful things about astrology is how insightful it can be when you look at how the planets’ journey through the sky may affect you. Capricorn and its planetary ruler Saturn, governs an area of your natal chart, and this is the area that is being illuminated by the moon twice this summer. Keeping the themes of work, sacrifice, momentum, business, harvest and professional aspirations, as mentioned by the Astrotwins in mind, below are the areas of life that are being affected by both Capricorn full moons for each zodiac sign. Read for your sun and rising sign, bonus points for your moon sign. This will give you more of the complete picture. 

  • Aries sun/rising – Career, your reputation & status 
  • Taurus sun/rising – Travel to far away places, spiritual & educational growth  
  • Gemini sun/rising – Money and shared resources with others, emotional & sexual intimacy 
  • Cancer sun/rising – Romantic and platonic relationships and partnerships 
  • Leo sun/rising – Daily routine, coworkers, health, serving others  
  • Virgo sun/rising – Your romantic life, creativity, children, self-expression 
  • Libra sun/rising – Your home environment, family, ancestry 
  • Scorpio sun/rising – Your mind, communication, short-distance travel, siblings 
  • Sagittarius sun/rising –  Finances, material wealth, self-worth
  • Capricorn sun/rising – Yourself, your personality and physical body 
  • Aquarius sun/rising – Your subconscious, karma, dreams and endings  
  • Pisces sun/rising – Friendships, your network and hopes and wishes.

And which zodiac signs do the Astrowins think will be most affected by this double Capricorn lunation? “Virgos and Cancers could feel major growth for their love lives. Taurus and Capricorn will get a burst of personal power and be ready to take bold risks.” 

Ahhh, music to my ears as a Taurus sun. But no matter what your zodiac sign, this is a powerful time of seeing your efforts pay off and stepping into a new way of living and being. And this is just the beginning. Unlock your full potential by joining and the Astrotwins for a 30-day Success Quest, Full Moon Activation and Lion’s Gate ritual. Learn how you can personally lean into this wonderful GOAT energy here. Yes…double entendre.