Eclipse Season 2018: Battle of the Sexes

January 31, 2018

And the 2018 eclipse season is off with a boom!

Today, the total lunar eclipse, even if it was only partially visible, will be fully felt. The maximum point of the eclipse took place this morning just before dawn in the Pacific time zone, so we emerged into our day today wearing the powerful cloak of this deeply profound eclipse of the moon.

For those of us in North America, the day dawned and took shape as the moon returned to full visibility and simultaneously set. The moon today was like a sleepy empress finally going to bed: powerful, exhausted, beautiful, and ready for rest. Although the moon is in the kingly sign of Leo, she is also in close conjunction with Ceres, the minor planet who specifically rules women and women’s role in society.

How will the planets affect you for the rest of this month? Find out today!

So while the moon today radiates a luxurious Leonine vibe, it also brings with it a powerful dose of the feminine.

Which means that the sun’s opposition is felt in a big way, as the shadow of the earth, projected by the sun, falls across the moon’s face. The sun here represents dominant society and any and all messages that the patriarchy has constructed to oppress and overshadow women. To top it all off, the moon is quincunx Neptune today, which can lead to heightened tension, paranoia, and poisonous thoughts. 

So we’re in a battle-of-the-sexes eclipse. No one is really surprised, as this has been a raging storm for some time. But now we’re in the middle of it, and we all need to work together to uphold and nurture the feminine aspects in all of us that have been so long oppressed, dismissed, and repressed.

You know this!

So, to everybody who wants to smash the patriarchy and see what utopia we can build after it is gone: that’s awesome! And also: wear larimar. With larimar’s assistance, we can transform rape culture into nurturance culture.

This gorgeous mottled blue stone harmonizes masculine and feminine energies, being created by both the ocean and volcanic activity. It taps into primal anger and inspires us to use it productively, constructively, creatively. It enhances clear communication, creates a sense of calm in the storm, allows its wearers to release resentments, and carries the message that to display love is to display great strength. 

Most of all, just like a moon that carries both Leo and Ceres vibes, it amplifies, simultaneously, two qualities we will need the most to effect long-lasting change in our world: deep and profound empathy; and unstoppable and transformative self-confidence.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: Wear this larimar amulet at your heart chakrah to help balance your feminine and masculine energies.