Expect the Unexpected: The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Is Here!

April 17, 2024

Astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have an influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people. It is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and the cosmic energy that may affect your path, and hopefully the reason you are reading this now! As the planets move on their regularly scheduled solar system cycle through our vast universe, they make connections with each other, or what astrologers refer to as aspects. On April 20 2024, we have a special astrological aspect – the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction, that will be sure to shake up many of our lives. And hopefully for the best!

Planetary Aspects in Astrology 

The main Ptolemaic astrological aspects are the conjunction, sextile, trine, square and opposition. A conjunction is the division of the 360 degree astrological wheel by 1, and is the blending of two or more planetary energies. A conjunction is the first aspect a planet makes to another celestial body before it separates and moves forward by degree to form another one of the aforementioned aspects. Conjunctions represent fresh starts and a synergy (for better or for worse) between two planetary bodies. When a rare conjunction happens between two planets, we can expect a significant shift in the energy present, which is the case when Jupiter and Uranus team up on April 20.

Jupiter: The Greater Benefic

Jupiter in astrology is considered to be “The Greater Benefic,” and the “lesser” benefic is Venus. Jupiter was the Roman “King of the Gods,” known for his grandiose lifestyle. In astrology, Jupiter is associated with luck, expansion, opportunity, excess, spirituality, travel, and wisdom. Jupiter is the traditional planetary ruler of fire sign Sagittarius and water sign Pisces. Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart is where you can experience great luck, opportunity, and spiritual growth. The same applies when Jupiter transits a particular house in your natal chart. Jupiter stays in one zodiac sign for approximately one year, depositing its blessings as it moves along, until it reaches the next sign. And it returns to the same natal position it was at your birth approximately every 12 years.

Jupiter is currently in Taurus, the fixed earth sign associated with money, material items, nature and earth itself. It is important to note that Jupiter is not always positive – it can be excessive and bring “a lot” of something or a particular energy. While Jupiter transits Taurus, abundance and excess as it relates to finance, nature, and relationships, since love planet Venus rules Taurus, are prevalent in our personal lives and the world at large. The influence of Uranus adds a special energy of surprise that will be prevalent in the last couple weeks of April and into May. 

Uranus: The Agent of Change

Uranus is the wild card of the astrological planets, bringing unexpected surprises and sometimes disruption to our lives. Uranus was the god of the sky and its energy can be electric like lightning. Uranus is associated with originality, genius, forward thinking, rebellion, technology, and unpredictability. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and wherever it is in your natal chart is where you may experience constant change, the urge to be different, and moments of genius. This also applies when Uranus transits a house in your natal chart. Uranus stays in a zodiac sign for about 7 years and is considered to be an outer planet. When outer planets change signs, big societal shifts can occur. Uranus moved into Taurus for its 7-year stint in 2019 and will stay there until 2026, before it moves into Gemini. Uranus in Taurus has brought changes and advancements in the financial sector, climate change and even earth itself. Remember that earthquake in New Jersey?

Jupiter & Uranus: A Dynamic Duo

Jupiter travels much faster than Uranus and it has finally caught up with Uranus in the sign of Taurus. This is a rare phenomenon that happens approximately once every 12 years, but the last time Jupiter and Uranus came together in the sign of Taurus was 1941. This energy will surely be significant on a global scale, potentially impacting the areas of finance, climate, innovation, and technology, to name a few. 

Astrologer Kesenya Moore of Guiding Star Astrology states “The Uranus Jupiter conjunction is set to be the biggest astrological event this year – even more important than the recent Solar Eclipse. That was significant for the people of the USA, but this is special for the whole world! Everyone is starting a brand new 14 year cycle that could bring lucky opportunities, a renewed sense of freedom, big scale breakthroughs, even financial windfalls, and a time of new beginnings pertaining to the realm of the chart this conjunction is occurring in. You won’t look back!”

On a personal level, this marks a period of innovation and opportunity in your own life that may seemingly come out of the blue. This could show up in the form of a tangible opportunity that affects your personal finances, or a significant relationship with the Venus influence of Taurus. With Pluto currently in Aquarius, the sign that Uranus rules, if a change or new beginning comes, it will be dynamic, powerful, and transformative. The area of your natal chart where this conjunction occurs will give clues to the circumstances surrounding this exciting energy. 

According to Astrologer Raquel Reyes, “The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be a pivotal moment of liberation, expression and revolution. Both Jupiter and Uranus are expansive planets that encourage progress, so when they join forces every 14 years, we experience breakthroughs that can change the trajectory of our lives.”

Here’s the area of life this exciting aspect will occur in for each zodiac sign. Read for your sun, moon, and rising signs. 

Jupiter Uranus Conjunction for Each Zodiac Sign:

  • Aries – Finances, material wealth, self-worth 
  • Taurus – Yourself, personality, physical body 
  • Gemini – Your subconscious, karma, unseen forces  
  • Cancer – Friends, network, hopes and wishes 
  • Leo – Career, reputation 
  • Virgo – Travel, higher education, spirituality 
  • Libra – Resources with others, occult subjects, sex 
  • Scorpio – Romantic and platonic relationships and partnerships 
  • Sagittarius – Daily routine, work, health 
  • Capricorn – Creativity, children, self-expression 
  • Aquarius – Home, family, ancestry 
  • Pisces – Communication, short-distance travel, siblings, & distant relatives

Take Advantage of this Important Transit 

When Uranus is involved, it’s hard to predict exactly how the energy will manifest, but you can set yourself up for success by opening your mind to new possibilities in the area that this conjunction will occur for you. So if something happens, you’ll be ready to strike while the iron is hot.

“The best way to support yourself during this time is to listen to the cues of your body and honor your physical needs. Give yourself permission to indulge your senses, find beauty in everything and enjoy life, even if there’s chaos. Find your well-deserved pockets of joy as the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction electrifies the sky and lights up a new path for you to walk on,” Reyes Suggests. 

Whatever happens, it will be thrilling and grand. Buckle up for an exciting ride. As Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only constant in life is change.”