Explore the New Moon in Pisces with Astrology+

February 23, 2021

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we’re getting a second dose of love with the upcoming new moon in Pisces! Join Astrology⊕ with special guest Kirah Tabourn as we explore this particularly sweet and sensitive lunation. New moons serve as cosmic reminders that we have the chance to start all over and embark on a fresh path. Where are you ready for a new beginning?

Kirah will lead us through some Pisces 101, how to make the most of this new moon, and how this energy will manifest in your birth chart. Each Monthly Meetup has a dedicated Q&A portion that allows members to ask their burning astrology questions! So, bring your birth chart questions! We look forward to seeing you there and sharing insight on how to make the most of this magical moon!