Fall Equinox 2023: It’s Time to Move Forward!

September 13, 2023

If you, like many of us, had an intense summer—you will be glad to know that the Fall Equinox 2023 brings a major new beginning! On Friday, September 22 at 11:50 p.m. Pacific Time, the sun enters Libra, resetting the energy of the entire globe. As the third cardinal sign, Libra is one of the four zodiac signs that have this unique ability. Today, set some intentions for the season ahead while also focusing on integrating the learnings from retrograde season. 

The mental fog should begin dissipating now, so make use of this new-found clarity. The sun, now in Libra, is ending its annual opposition with Neptune, while forming a trine with Pluto. The road is open for making radical changes now, so seize the moment! In the astrological chart of the Fall Equinox, the sun is also aligning with asteroid Pallas Athene, meaning that moving forward with a well-thought out strategy will guarantee our success.

More Relationship Endings & Adjustments

Out of all the astrological signatures to watch in 2023 the most important was the retrograde of Venus, which was all over the news due to celebrity break-ups. While break-ups are a classic effect of the retrogrades of Venus, it was mainly the two squares Venus formed with freedom-seeking Uranus that magnified this trend. The first square occurred on July 2, the second on August 9, and the final and most intense square arrives on September 29. 

The relationships that no longer have spark will continue to end between now and October 7, which is when Venus finally leaves Leo, the zodiac sign where the pleasure planet went retrograde. Since Juno—the asteroid of commitment—is also involved in this configuration, it’s not only romantic relationships that will end, any commitment between two people could naturally arrive at its expiration date.

Mother Moon Calls for Deep Emotional Self-care

After analyzing the positions and aspects of the sun and its ruling planet, Venus, the next step is figuring out what is the energetic signature of the other luminary, the moon. On Friday, September 22, the moon will be in Capricorn, its sign of detriment. The highest vibration of the moon in Capricorn is focusing on building security and success, as it is ruled by Saturn and the ringed planet means business! 

The Capricorn moon’s lowest vibration is pushing against all odds, avoiding listening to our bodies and what they need. Since the moon rules water, our subconscious minds, and sleeping patterns, we will have to stay super watchful, so we don’t fall into this “success-seeking” trap. Practicing self-care on a constant basis will be key, as will making an effort to share our deepest feelings with the ones we love, so they don’t fester on the inside. 

A Grand Water Trine

Luckily, the chart of the Fall Equinox also features what astrologers call a Gran Water Trine in the sky. Asteroid Vesta in Cancer, asteroid Ceres in Scorpio, and Saturn in Pisces team up to bring the highest vibration of the Water element. This rare configuration feels like a “big mama” and even “big grandma” kind of energy, considering these asteroids are called “goddesses” and Saturn is seen as a feminine planet in traditional astrology. 

Water is the element with strong ties to the past, insinuating that ancestral assistance and healing will be present this season. Coincidentally, or not, the Fall is the season that brings the Day of the Dead, Halloween, and Samhain, once Scorpio season arrives, between October 23 and November 21. Whenever in doubt, ask your spirit guides for help, as they are walking with you, guiding you and helping you along the way. 

Chiron Retrograde & Healing

And the truth is that we will need all the help we can get! As the Fall Equinox seed is planted, Mars in Libra will be forming a conjunction with the South Node of Destiny (exact on October 4) and an opposition with Chiron. Between September 22 and October 11, we will get a preview of one of the astrological aspects that will dominate the beginning of 2024. 

Whenever Mars and Chiron are involved, certain events that remind us of past pains repeat. These come back not to hurt us again, but to remind us that whenever we don’t heal a wound, it informs our future. If by now you can already tell what is coming up for you, focus on finding healing, understanding, and closure. By doing so, you will not only overcome it, you will attain a whole new level of consciousness. After all, Chiron is the key to unlocking one’s true and entire potential.