February 1: Attracted to the Unusual

January 29, 2021

The sun is square Mars at 2:34 a.m.
In the early morning hours, the Aquarius sun creates a tense square to Mars in Taurus, stimulating aggression. At this time, our excitement for the future (and by implication, our desire for novelty), clashes with the necessity of minding our pacing and conserving our energy.
As is the case with any transit, this aspect can be used for good or ill depending on how we negotiate our reactive instincts. This is a perfect influence for self-motivation or tackling situations that need an infusion of courage, but we could set ourselves back by adopting a hostile approach and creating enemies in the process. Much as we want to champion our current cause, there are no shortcuts to success, so buckle up and prepare to do the work.
The moon is trine Venus at 3:10 a.m., and moon void of course begins
The moon enters Libra at 3:25 a.m., and moon void of course ends
Still in the pre-dawn, the Virgo moon makes a trine to Venus in Capricorn, favoring luxury and refined tastes. Our dreams may be more vivid and detailed, stimulating tactile senses, even as we slumber. Following this transit, the moon slips into a very short void period lasting fifteen minutes, before entering Libra, turning our attention to preserving social harmony through compromise, negotiation, and cooperation over the next two days.
Venus enters Aquarius at 6:05 a.m.
 Venus makes its ingress into progressive Aquarius at dawn, where it will travel until February 25. Its shift from the sign of preservation to the sign of revolution provides perhaps one of the starkest examples of how each sign offers a complementary, yet oppositional energy to the one which precedes it.
While Venus in Capricorn used fidelity and loyalty as conceptual guideposts to determine what constituted “successful” relationships, Venus in Aquarius bucks tradition and adopts a freedom-oriented approach to romance, often finding us drawn to unusual or eccentric personalities.
In fixed air, Venus celebrates cerebral love. It craves the type of romance that excites not only the heart, but the mind, and relationships born during this transit are generally friends first and everything else second. Additionally, because we tend to fall in love with our own individualism at this time, we prefer partnerships that allow us to question our engagement over ones with strict parameters defined.
Commitment is certainly not an impossibility, but we will feel oppressed if we are pressured to assume conventional roles. At the aesthetic level, our interest in originality may also find us switching up our appearance, adopting a new wardrobe or haircut, or redecorating our living spaces to reflect our evolving style.
The moon is opposite Chiron at 1:31 p.m.
In the afternoon, the Libra moon opposes Chiron in Aries, stimulating a fear of provoking controversy. The Libra moon is primarily concerned with keeping the peace, and when it clashes with Chiron, it magnifies the imbalances perpetuated by our vulnerability. The fear is that we won’t be able to “keep it together,” and because of this, others won’t deem us pleasant enough to be desirable.
Self-doubt may stymie us throughout the day, as we are too preoccupied with what strangers are thinking about us to feel comfortable in our own skin. In shrugging off our imagined worries of disappointing others, we would feel more confident within ourselves, but today, we may be too sensitive to make this conscious choice.
The sun is sextile Juno at 8:51 p.m.
At night, the sun forms an auspicious sextile to Juno in Sagittarius, a rejuvenating transit that instills a sense of being on the right track, headed in the correct direction, and carving out a personal path that is inspiring and restorative to the soul. If this aspect is projected rather than internalized, it may manifest socially, and is an excellent signature for finding friends or partners who respect our need for space but are excited to learn and grow alongside us. Because all parties are essentially acting in their own self-interest, we are in a place to join forces authentically, without falsity or hollow performative gestures.
All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.