February's Supermoon Pushes You to Be Your Best Self

February 16, 2019

At 7:53 a.m. PST on February 19, 2019, the full moon will be in Virgo.

Full moons often help us to see the big picture. But under the light of the Virgo supermoon—which occurs when the orb is at its closest point to Earth, the urge to gaze is slated to be even stronger—we may have trouble seeing the forest for the trees.

That’s because, as this lunation puts everything under the microscope, we’re called to notice details that typically go overlooked. And while some of them are flattering, focusing on the flaws is human nature.

No matter how satisfied we are in our lives, for most of us, there’s still a discrepancy between how things should be and how they actually are—and that gap may seem especially wide during this full moon. Just remember, we’re all still works-in-progress, so before you criticize, make sure it’s constructive!

What Does the Full Moon in Virgo Mean?

Virgo’s intentions are pure—all it really wants is to help us be our best selves. But under this sign’s influence, the standards we set for ourselves (and others) can be ridiculously high.

Fortunately, with the sun in Pisces opposite this full moon, it’s easier to forgive each other’s shortcomings. We all miss the mark sometimes, but most of us are trying our best—so we may want to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

That doesn’t mean we have to tolerate bad behavior, though. Virgo is all about personal integrity—so if our actions are out of alignment, this full moon will reveal the error of our ways and put us back on track.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

True, it’s not always easy to tell right from wrong. But discerning Virgo helps us cut through all the confusion and find the clarity we need to make wise decisions.

Just be careful not to overthink things—with so much information to process at this full moon, it’s easy to succumb to analysis paralysis. Decide what’s really important…then take a deep breath and let the other stuff go.

Horoscopes for the February 2019 Full Moon in Virgo


As far as you’re concerned, Virgo, there’s always room for improvement. But while your self-care game is strong—diet, exercise, meditation, an occasional trip to the spa—that’s not exactly the same thing as self-love. In fact, sometimes it’s just one more thing to stress about! This full moon reminds you that you’re beautiful, just the way you are.


Like no one’s watching, Libra—that’s the only way to live at this full moon. After all, you’ve been doing your best to live up to other people’s standards, but the ones that really matter are your own. So how well are you measuring up? Be as honest as you can—you’ll serve others better by being authentic than by trying to be perfect.


Why leave anything to chance, Scorpio? We know you like to be prepared…but still, there’s something to be said for not planning everything down to the last detail. At this full moon, you’ll have a lot more fun if you leave some room for serendipity. Intriguing opportunities may present themselves—if they do, just say yes!


You’re an unlikely homebody, Sag, but right now, all you want is to stay in and chill! With career pressures piling up at this full moon, domestic life can seem like a sweet escape. Still, if you’re constantly fantasizing about leaving it all behind, you may want to think about building a career you won’t feel the need to escape from.


We’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt, Capricorn. But as objective as you try to be, we’re all guilty of applying double standards at times—or having unconscious biases that cloud our vision. This full moon reveals a few of your own. Fortunately, though, it also supports you in holding yourself to a higher standard.


You promised yourself you’d never sell out, Aquarius—and we’ve got to say, your integrity is pretty damn impressive! Still, every now and then, it’s worth reevaluating how realistic your principles actually are when applied to everyday life. This full moon gives you a better idea of the real-world financial situations and power dynamics you may be dealing with.


We’ve all got our blind spots, Pisces, especially when it comes to seeing ourselves. Fortunately, the people closest to us have a way of bringing these things into focus. We’re not just talking about the flaws, either—at this full moon, loved ones can also help you to see the beauty in yourself that’s all too easily overlooked.


Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Aries! You may think you can get away with anything, but if you cross the line, this full moon won’t hesitate to give you an attitude adjustment. The more you cooperate, the better off you’ll be—so stay humble, take responsibility for yourself, and make sure you’ve really got the best intentions at heart.


Simple pleasures are what you live for, Taurus. But when you see people out there on social media living their best lives, sometimes you worry you’re missing out—even if you know it’s not your cup of tea. At this full moon, there’s no need to overthink things. Stop comparing yourself to others, and just enjoy what you love.


Fake it till you make it, Gemini—sometimes, this is useful advice. But when it comes to integrity, there’s no substitute for the real deal. At this full moon, you’re painfully aware of the gap between the person you are and the person you’d like to be, but you’re in also in a uniquely powerful position to do something about it.


Someone’s go-to work out the details, Cancer—and more often than not, that person is you—so your preoccupation with practical matters is totally understandable. But even when you don’t have it all figured out, the universe has its own ways of making it work! This full moon helps you focus on what’s most important and stop sweating the small stuff.


Only the best for you, Leo! At this full moon, it’s important to know your own worth.  But if you’re looking for it in money, possessions, or other status symbols, you’re looking in the wrong place. It’s the purity of your heart and your devotion to doing what’s right that make you true royalty—and nothing can take that away.

Image by Giulia Bertelli via Unsplash