Feng Shui Metal

You are a Metal personality. Metal character traits include strength, independence, focus, intensity, righteousness and fluency in speech. Common metal emotions are gratitude, insecurity, inability to achieve parental expectations, or lack of confidence.

The Metal personality is very determined and powerful, with a tendency to be cool and reserved.

In Feng Shui, strive to create order in your environment. A room that is tidy and orderly is best for you. You prefer clean, minimalist design, and dislike waste and excessive frills. Form following function is the perfect design aesthetic for you.


You challenge is to learn how to express grief and find healing. You will succeed by becoming less opinionated, accepting change and gracefully releasing the past.


Emotion: Gratitude when balanced; grief and insecurity when unbalanced.
Planet: Venus
Chinese astrological signs: Monkey, Phoenix (Rooster), Dog
Direction: West
Season: Autumn, the time of the harvest with a metal scythe, completion and the beginning of rest.
Climate: Dry
Feng Shui landscape: A lovely mountain with a gently curved peak, like a dome.
Feng Shui building Shape: A domed roof or arch.
Feng Shui room: Bedroom Objects: Sculptures made of metal ores. Rocks, crystals, and semi-precious and precious stones are also of the metal element. Visual art that is mostly white, silver, or light pastel in color.
Symbol: White Tiger


You want metal in your relationships: clear, precise and focusing on mutual goals. Be sure your relationship corner, the far right-hand corner from the entry, is clean. Your bedroom must be free of clutter as well. A pair of metal candlesticks with white candles is ideal for you.
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