Finding the Power Within: Tarot for the Last Blue Moon of 2018

March 30, 2018

Full Moon in Libra
Saturday, March 31
5:37am PST

Our last blue moon of the year comes on the last day of the month. This blue moon, Sap Moon, Pink Moon, she’s a Libra moon as well. And she’s a special one because she is so rare—she’s the fourth full moon in three months! The next time we will have a year with two full blue moons will be 2037.

A Moon with a Message

This moon is here to illuminate what is true for us now with deep reverberations for years to come. She’s a moon that sings of Spring, the first one to shine forth after the Spring Equinox. She’s also a moon with a message: Get going already! Get going with the year itself, and with what is important to us and those around us on this shiny, cobalt-marbled planet. 

Blue moons happen often enough, but the energy is different. Around three percent of all full moons are blue moons. Even fewer of those occur twice in a row, like this one. That’s why when they glide in, low on the horizon, glowing above us like a mirrored halo, we must pay attention. We must close our eyes and listen to the clear messages this moon has for us, within us. 

Because blue moons can serve as a metaphor for a cosmic miracle, we can tune into this powerful energy and match its hum with our own energy and actions. We bridge intentions to outcomes with actions. Are your actions in alignment with who you truly know yourself to be? And, what miracles you possess inside of you?

The sign of Libra correlates with relationships. It is imperative that we reflect upon our relationships with our self, our beliefs, our mindsets, our patterns, the external world, and those around us if we wish to evolve and if we wish to make a magical change. 

Bloom into Being

On Saturday, when that blue, full Spring Libra moon climbs high in the sky, she will be moon-beaming out the most honest reflections of who you’ve been all along. She will be shining out possibilities that are ready to be enacted with ease, like picking the sweetest smelling wildflowers on your path. What if you allowed yourself to pluck the prettiest ones without guilt, with the utmost gratitude? What if you began making decisions from the true seat of your unique power? 

Think of a few things your conscious mind believes to be impossible. Make it something you have been yearning for and can feel in your body. Allow yourself to imagine this as a possibility. 

Imagine your insides softening and allow this lunar energy to weave through your subconscious mind and your heart with impossible possibilities. What if this is the full blue moon that makes your impossible possible? What if this is the full blue moon where you allow yourself to feel the tangible truth of your dreams within you taking shape? 

Let the power emanating from this blue moon mirror your own intrinsic value. Get going on the most important projects of your life that you can no longer afford to keep dormant. Bloom them into being. Let this blue moon serve as a marker, as a lighthouse guidepost on your path. Because it is now, and because you are ready.

Full Blue Moon Tarot: Two of Swords and Justice

The Major Arcana Tarot card that correlates to the sign of Libra is the Justice card. We are in a Justice year. (2 0 1 7 = 11, the number that Justice correlates within a Rider-Waite Colman Smith style deck. If you have a Marseille style deck, that card will be Strength.) A year of hard truths, internal and external. A year of karmic endings and karmic beginnings. A year of deep psychic and energetic cord-cutting, in service of balance. A year of rethinking Justice and what it means for us individually, and as a collective. Meditate on Justice when you need to find clarity around your truth, and when you need to find the bravery to act on that truth.

The Minor Arcana card that correlates to the moon in Libra is the two of Swords. Like the moon, the two of Swords’ meaning changes based on what mood you are in when you look at her. She’s still and quiet and focused within. Does she need to make a decision, or does she need to stay in her chair a little longer, waiting for the messages of the water behind her to infuse her with intuition? Many times, this card correlates with a decision that must be made once a new relationship in entered into with our mind, with our thoughts. This card is almost always an indicator that it is time to make a decision about something important—but first, we must wait until we are clear, not clouded. We must be sure about our truth, be steadfast in love, and step into the path of our power. 

A Tarot Spread for the Full Blue Moon

Get comfortable, light some incense or a candle if you wish. You may wish to meditate first. 

Pull out the Moon card, the 2 of Swords, and the Justice card

Ask: What does this full moon want me to release?

Put your card under the Moon card.

Ask: What do I already know about my life/self/situation that I must act on?

Put your card under the two of Swords.

Ask: Where is it time to make the previously impossible possible?

Put your card under Justice.

You may wish to pull an additional clarifying card (or three, one for each card pulled), journal about your cards, or meditate on them.

Happy Full Moon!

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