Fourth Degree of Scorpio: Your Daily Horoscope in Film

October 26, 2017

american mystic (2010)

According to the Sabian Symbols, a list of spiritually channeled messages for each zodiac degree, the fourth degree of Scorpio is where “a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual gains a sense of the great ‘other world.’”

As the sun and Jupiter align in this degree today—and at this time of year when the veil between our world and the spirit world is said to be at its thinnest—we become more consciously aware of the assistance we receive from our unseen helpers.

How can we connect with this great “other world?” Each of us must find our own path, but some are more frequented than others.
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Each of the three mystics profiled in Alex Mar’s 2010 documentary has chosen the road less traveled: Kublai receives messages from the dead as a novice medium in the Spiritualist Church; Chuck pushes his body to the limit for the healing of his people in a demanding Lakota Sundance ritual; and from her pagan sanctuary in the California wilderness, Morpheus practices “strong magic” in the Feri witchcraft tradition.

What all three share is a devotion to their chosen path and a desire to serve the highest good, regardless of the personal sacrifice involved.

Whatever path we’ve been traveling, this week is a great time for all of us to reconnect with our higher power, express gratitude for the gifts we’ve received, and dedicate ourselves to giving back. Friday’s waxing half-moon in Aquarius shines a light on the needs of the collective and calls us to offer our gifts in service to the greater good. With Venus squaring Pluto on the same day, this won’t necessarily be comfortable, but it will certainly be transformative.
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