Everything You Need to Know About April’s Full Moon in Scorpio

March 28, 2024

Darkness, glamor, mystery, and romance commingle under the Scorpio full moon on April 23, which brings an intense and transformative energy to the table. This astrological event pushes for change and emotional honesty, though some may struggle to share what lies beneath the surface. Be thoughtful when discussing intimate matters, remaining fully present and aware of how others respond to your words. Consider how certain partnerships affect your overall wellbeing, taking into account if the ties that bond you are worth holding onto. The shadow side of this lunation reveals where manipulation, jealousy, and possessiveness create toxicity, bringing startling revelations to dynamics that are operating from a lower vibration.

Unresolved issues will be difficult to ignore, and conflict from the past is more likely to resurface while Mercury retrograde aligns with the nodes of fate. This cosmic climate will have people focused on themselves, making it difficult to understand situations from multiple angles. This will be especially pronounced within narcissistic personality types, and it’ll be important that you tread carefully if a loved one begins placing blame or pointing fingers. Remember the importance of standing up for yourself, but think twice before dusting up ancient history. Triggers will go off more easily, while the scorpionic energy present could lead to overly venomous accusations. 

While this full moon has brooding elements, there will be plenty of richness to tap into as well. Healthy dynamics will have an opportunity to intensify bonds, and new commitments may be on the horizon. Scorpio energy loves the prospect of true partnership, always searching for the one shining star it can fully surrender to. When balance is reached between strength and grace, loyalty and true connection will follow. When seeking to invite in love, remember how necessary it is to be vulnerable. Scorpios are elusive by nature, closely analyzing their counterparts before deciding to open up. As emotions flood, don’t be afraid to lower guards, as long as you feel safe and in the presence of someone you can trust. 

On a personal level, this full moon brings waves of empowerment, creating an atmosphere that elevates those who wish to evolve. Remember that personal growth is a messy path that’s often littered with destruction. As the sign of death and rebirth, Scorpios aren’t afraid to cut ties, start fresh, and destroy what is no longer working. The key to mastering this energy is to do so from a place of compassion and self-preservation. If life feels messy, consider what you can eliminate from your life, rather than spiraling into self-destruction. 

When all is said and done, you should emerge from this lunation feeling refreshed and stronger than ever. Lean into intense moments, staying grounded and maintaining your wits to make the healthiest choice available. Emotions will bubble up under Luna’s glow, and with Mercury facing agitation from the south node, trauma from the past can make it difficult to move forward. Trust that you are strong, capable, and ready to enter the next beautiful chapter of life, even if your current situation requires a bit of cleanup.