Everything You Need to Know About August’s Pisces Blue Moon

August 23, 2023

The Pisces blue moon graces our skies on August 30, heightening intuition, sensitivities, and emotions on a collective scale. This astrological event marks the second full moon this month, adding poignancy to Luna’s glow as we’re asked to contend with our feelings and need for closure. Since Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, the energy at play promotes letting go, finalizing plans, and closing chapters. However, it may be difficult to make important decisions about what or who stays in your life, especially if your heart and mind are at odds. 

Saturn hangs in the periphery of Luna’s glow, helping us reclaim a sense of personal responsibility when it comes to maintaining boundaries and protecting one’s energy. However, there may be times when you fluctuate between hypersensitive and intensely stoic, causing feelings to sway like a pendulum. Remember to breathe through tense moments in order to find clarity, and avoid conflict with people who are overactive or have a tendency to push too far. The more you advocate for yourself, the more pushback you could encounter, making it important that you choose your words and timing wisely when it comes to addressing issues. 

As the Virgo sun sits across our glorious moon, a critical element could come into play, making it important that you curb your judgments when dealing with others. Try to remember that it’s impossible to know what others are going through, especially if you become frustrated with friends, coworkers, and strangers on the street. Self-doubt could also creep up if you have a tendency to pinpoint other people’s flaws, even if this practice is only done internally. 

Do your best to see others through an understanding and sympathetic lens, without putting yourself in a position of vulnerability. It’ll also be important that you curb any self-deprecating internal dialogues, understanding that this lunation wants you to focus on finding grace and peace within. Be mindful that what you say to yourself is important, having a direct impact on self-awareness, confidence, and emotional well-being. 

An unbalanced aspect between Mercury retrograde and the healing body, Chiron, could further complicate matters during this full moon. Miscommunications could bring forth personal embarrassment or defensive behaviors from others, especially when mistakes are made or if someone feels criticized. Be cautious when offering unsolicited advice, no matter how well-meaning your words are. Nerves will be raw under Luna’s glow, and people will crave support above directions or corrections.

Though this full moon will present ups and downs, there will be opportunities to fully release baggage while making peace with the past. Focusing on what’s really important can help you ride the elevated vibes of this cosmic climate, so be sure to direct your attention accordingly. Bonding with loved ones will also come more easily when you love without conditions, making it a great time to melt into that special someone or invest in quality time with family. No matter where the days around this lunar event take you, be sure to honor your heart above all else. 

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