Everything You Need to Know About February’s Full Moon in Virgo

January 29, 2024

If 2024 has gotten off to a slow start, the Virgo full moon on February 24 marks a turning point where life starts to pick up significantly. This lunation emphasizes the value of hard work and organization, though themes around health and wellness also come into play. Now is the time to examine your day to day, taking into consideration where manageable changes can be made. Just be mindful to avoid perfectionist attitudes, maintaining reasonable expectations for yourself and others. Remember to support your body as you move through work and personal errands, fueling yourself with nutritious foods while also acknowledging when it’s time to take a break. 

Lingering close to the Pisces sun, Mercury and Saturn will have their own influence during this astrological event. Mercury promotes clarity, communication, and learning, while Saturn urges us all to revitalize outdated structures both personally and collectively. Use this energy to have important conversations with colleagues, loved ones, and members of your community, with the clear intent to solve issues that need addressing. Unfortunately, not everyone will be eager to get with the program, making it important that you approach change from a collaborative standpoint, rather than dishing out new rules or procedures. You’ll also be uniquely positioned to release patterns in order to establish new ones, so be sure to focus on what you can do as an individual. 

Outside of Luna’s domain comes an alignment between Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, bringing focus to the collective. If there are any political situations that have been weighing on you, consider how you can take action. Write to members of congress, donate to charity, or volunteer at a local nonprofit to appease your compassionate heart. However, you won’t gain much traction from announcing views online, which may stir arguments and have negative impacts on your mood and relationships. Instead, find people with similar goals or beliefs that you can collaborate with, laying down solid groundwork for meaningful change. Educating yourself further on these issues should also become a priority, though you should remember to pull back if you start to feel overwhelmed. The idea is to acknowledge what you do have control of, without losing hope over vastly complicated situations you’re not equipped to handle as one person. 

Fluctuations within the economy will become more apparent under Jupiter’s command and there will be plenty of financial movement to keep up with. Avoid impulsive investments, especially if they seem overly trendy or too good to be true. You should also be cautious when accepting or giving monetary advice, as the energy at play can inflate or deflate at a moment’s notice. Choose the most practical route when it comes

to your bank account, but don’t be afraid to take gambles that won’t hurt you in the event they don’t work out. 

When navigating these vibes, your body and intuition will work hand in hand. Pay attention to the signals you receive at a physical level, watching for signs of stress, panic, or unease. If possible, spend some time stretching and releasing tension under Luna’s glow, setting intentions around living your best and most energized life.