Full Moon in Cancer: Nurture and Protect

January 1, 2018


Today, a Cancer full moon starts off the new year.

A full moon on the axis of Cancer and Capricorn will always bring our awareness towards our private selves, in relation to our public selves. Cancer is the sign of inner emotional life, and because of this, it seeks safety and security.

Meanwhile, the sun in also in Capricorn, which is also concerned with stability, but as related to the outer self, the career, the public face of the self.

Because we’re starting off the year on a vulnerable, protective note, we want to focus on ways to develop the inside while protecting the outside.
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Sesame, in the form of an oil or as the seed, has a lot of protective qualities for multiple parts of the body. Sesame oil is anti-bacterial, and strengthens the heart and bones through its high fat and protein content. Externally, it is protective when used on the skin, against sun damage and free radicals in the air, and it’s rejuvenating for the hair. When used on the skin in massage, it is soothing and warming, and it can also be used as a base oil for aromatherapy, another way to keep calm and feel nurtured, the way Cancer likes to feel.

The mythical nature of sesame is held in the saying “Open Sesame!” It holds hidden secrets safe, until the right conditions allow them to be revealed. The strength of a Cancer moon, even though it is about vulnerability, is held in the ability to provide that needed security.

In the way that the crab, the symbol of Cancer, uses its body as shelter, a seed like sesame can provide both protection and softness through its healing properties.
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