Full Moon in Taurus: Offerings & Abundance

November 2, 2017

Welcome to our November full moon!

She falls on a Friday, one day after Dia de los Muertos ends and four days after Halloween – otherwise known as Samhain, otherwise known as Witches’ New Year.

We have begun our descent into the underworld.

We are at the cross-quarter mark between Fall and Winter; it is time to take stock of our year, our selves, our lives. It is time to honor and listen to the messages our ancestors, our guides, our ghosts, and our past lives wish to share with us.

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Full Moon Power: Time to Harvest

The veil is thin. This could be a powerful time for listening and communing with messages from beyond the void. Be sure to acknowledge and make record of any sensations or downloads you receive during these weeks.

The full moon is in Taurus, a sign that is a metaphor for work, self-worth, abundance, and love. Ruled by Venus, this could be a time to connect to tactile pleasures and sensuality. It could be a time for examining what we are working for and why. We are asked to define what abundance means to us. We are asked to give enough back to ourselves, so that there will joy and sustenance to last throughout this winter.

This full moon could also act as our last external harvest of the year. Think back to the new moon in Taurus six months ago: What have you called in since then? Is it time to stake your claim on a few last desires before this year is finished? Look back on what stories have unfolded for you since May. Acknowledge any patterns, positive or challenging, that have been a through line for your story. Where has your worth been tested or confirmed? How much is enough? Have you had enough? Where and why?

We can look to the seasons as a gentle guide for our own lives. What do we need to shed? What do we wish to let die? Make any goodbyes at this time as gentle and compassionate as you can. Remember that ghosts are merely stand-ins for the remnants of our psyche that we let haunt us.

Let us honor those that have given us life, as we honor our own lives and calling.

Helpful tools for the full moon in Taurus:


Rosemary is for remembering. Make rosemary and hawthorn tea, put rosemary in your bath, your food, and under your pillow to remember.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz works to help you ground. Put a piece under your feet as you do a grounding meditation.

Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is good for protection. Put some in your pocket or bra when you go out, or to have good boundaries against ghosts or unexplained energies.

Suggested activities to honor this full moon:

Spend a night alone with yourself.

Turn the lights off when the sun goes down. Light tea lights. Make a cup of tea and get comfortable. Ask your guides or your higher self to give you messages. Write your past lives, the people you’ve been this year a letter. Thank them. Let some of them go. Promise to let new versions in. Write down what those will be. Write down what you will be harvesting come next spring. Draw in the dark. Dream in the dark. Take a bath in candlelight. Before you slip into slumber, ask your dreams to give you messages. Take note of what those are when you wake up.

Create an abundance altar.

This altar could consist of both everything you’ve accomplished this year so far as well as what you are currently manifesting. This altar could have everything that is a metaphor for abundance for you on it—you can draw or make collages of these items if it is easier. Use two candles. Place them at opposite ends of your altar. Light a candle for all that you have. Then light a candle for all that is making its way to you. Move those candles closer and closer together until they touch.

Acknowledge your ancestors, your guides, and other helpers.

You may choose to create an altar that honors the helpers in your life. This altar could also consist of photos of helpful ancestors, family members, and friends. This altar could include your guides, inspirational figures, or ascended masters that have helped you.  You could also make offerings, in the form of fruit or nuts to your ancestors or to helpful deities. Cook a deceased loved one’s favorite food and enjoy it in front of your altar. Write letters thanking them. Promise to carry on their positive legacy with your actions and intentions.

Meditate with Tarot Cards that resonate with the energy of the time.

Death, the Empress, and the Hierophant are all cards that correspond to this time.

Ask yourself: What abundance am I ready to step into? What unique gifts of love do I possess that can be used towards my own manifestation? Must I develop more meaning around work and self-worth? Who or what do I need to grieve at this time? What can I release that will clear the way for more of the energies I value to take up space?
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