Full Moon in Virgo: Unspoken Desire

March 1, 2018

Take This Waltz (2011)

Under the microscope of today’s Virgo full moon, we may be seeing our loved ones (and ourselves) in a less flattering light than usual.

Even if we’re happily partnered, like twentysomething Margot and her husband Lou (Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen), the gap between how life is and how we think it should be can feel uncomfortably wide.
Are you meant for each other?

The full moon’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces heightens the tension. Like Margot, who develops a powerful attraction to a new neighbor (Luke Kirby), we may fantasize about greener grass on the other side of the fence – or across the street.

However, proceed with caution. With so many planets in Pisces, this could be an illusion. A lunar trine to Saturn in Capricorn can help us stay grounded and committed to what we already have.

Still, if unspoken or unfulfilled desires have been coming up strongly for you, it might be time to address them.
Venus and Mercury are currently “waltzing” together through the late degrees of Pisces. Over the next two days, both planets will trine Jupiter in Scorpio, making this weekend an ideal time for loving, compassionate, honest conversations about difficult or taboo subjects.

This energy peaks on Sunday with a triple conjunction between Venus, Mercury, and “wounded healer” Chiron.
Sunday also features a sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Boundaries are blurred, and our desire to merge with others outweighs other considerations. This can be beautiful – true love always requires some sacrifice – but it can also lead to some irresponsible decisions. Make sure you’re listening to your head as well as your heart.

After this weekend, Mercury and Venus will be leaving Pisces for independent, risk-taking Aries (on Monday and Tuesday, respectively). Will you choose to stay or go? Either way, get ready. Relationships are about to experience a major energy shift.
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