Here’s Everything You Need to Know About January’s Full Moon in Leo

December 27, 2023

Playful vibes flow under the Leo full moon on January 25, which emphasizes the importance of creative pursuits, friendship, and fun. The energy is perfect for fine-tuning passion projects, collaborating with others, and building confidence through self-expression. Egos may enlarge under these cosmic conditions, making it important that you establish a strong sense of self without negatively impacting others. Avoid unnecessary competition and drama, allowing warmth to prevail should conflicts arise. 

The Aquarius sun accentuates opposing views, and political or social disagreements could feel like a personal attack at times. Avoid company that finds joy in challenging your ideologies, while also making it a point to stay on your best behavior. 

On a deeper level, this lunation puts into question the ways we view ourselves, and how ego impacts one’s ability to get along with others. A T-square between the sun, moon, and Jupiter offers opportunities to build up self-worth, though insecurities may grow if they’re not properly addressed. Be gracious with yourself and others, and consider how doubt or fear may be driving one’s behaviors. Consider how you can create more emotional and mental stability for yourself, while putting in the work to establish healthy dynamics that are built upon mutual respect. 

On the sidelines of Luna’s glow comes a harsh connection between Mars and Chiron, which may trigger authoritative or reckless behaviors. Those who are hurting or feel restricted are more likely to lash out, and you’ll want to tread lightly around those who seem to be struggling. Offer the support you can when it comes to loved ones in need, without compromising your own sense of self-preservation. Themes around loyalty also come into play, and issues could arise where there is jealousy or possessiveness without your social sphere. Remember that boundaries are important for maintaining healthy dynamics, even when they are painful or difficult to establish. 

Mercury also plays an important role during this astrological event, cozying up to Mars in the hopes of eliciting movement. Ideas require follow-through, and you’ll need the confidence and bravery to put action behind your visions. Demonstrating maturity and refinement in your work or personal projects will be key to gaining the attention you desire. It can also be helpful to learn from others, though it might be difficult to admit what you do not know if pride overshadows a desire to improve. Now may also be a good time to reflect on moments in which you held yourself back by failing to take initiative. 

When all is said and done, this full moon asks you to open your heart to warmth, connection, and personal growth. Allow yourself to shed any qualities or behaviors that prevent you from being the best version of yourself, even if you’re apprehensive about how others will respond to these shifts. Consider how your friendships shape you, striving to exist in a supportive community. Seek new relationships if there is an abundance of toxicity in your sphere, acknowledging that it will take time to grow these bonds.