Everything You Need to Know About July’s Full Moon in Capricorn

July 1, 2023

The full moon in Capricorn on July 3 will bring you the energy needed to transform your dreams
from visions of the mind to our concrete, tangible reality. However, hard work and dedication will
be required to accomplish your goals, but thanks to the movements of the heavens, you’ll find
plenty of passion and breakthroughs to progress you forward. This lunation acts as a cosmic
message that it’s time to get serious about what you really want, and part of that includes
coming up with a step-by-step plan to get there.
Saturn in Pisces, the ruler of this lunar event, brings themes of solidifying your boundless goals
by taking serious and practical actions to manifest these dreams into reality. There will be a
sobering effect, helping you realize which aspects of your ambitions are realistic and which are
not. While this might seem to take a little excitement out of the air, you will find that you are
better off recognizing the reality and limitations of your specific project so that you don’t
become disappointed by expectations that were set too high.
If there’s something that’s been holding you back or hindering your progress, there will be an
opportunity to break free of such restraints, thanks to a bold connection between sweet Venus
and revolutionary Uranus. Full moons are commonly said to close chapters, but this lunation
has the potential to open up new doors for the future, especially when you embrace much-
needed changes and banish old patterns that no longer serve your highest good. 
You may be realizing that you need more space to express yourself authentically or find
sudden inspiration that allows you to create a stronger identity or brand within personal and
professional projects. If things are feeling stale, especially within relationships, you may feel
tempted to do something impulsive. Try to lean into the more responsible vibes available on this
day by making thought-out decisions.
While Luna glows brightly in the sky, Venus and fiery Mars conspire to amplify passions,
growing close to one another. Although this aspect won’t be exact during the full moon, the
strengthening connection between these two archetypes will be felt intensely, encouraging you
to act on your desires. Take advantage of any urges you experience to get creative, allowing
this transit to fill you with bravery and boldness when it comes to experimenting and trying new
things. Meanwhile, accessing your social side could open you up to new people and fresh
On the flip side, the potential for volatility between friends and partners could be explosive. Full
moons tend to bring a little drama to the table, and there may be some to contend with if you
don’t share the same values as those you associate with. Should this combination of cosmic
events reveal the darker side of a person or partnership, trust that this dynamic was meant to
come to a close at this time. This lunation is all about moving forward in a way that helps you
feel more grounded while reminding you to remain focused on your personal growth.

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