Here’s Everything You Need to Know About July’s Full Moon in Capricorn

June 28, 2024

An astrological blue moon is upon us as the full moon rises in Capricorn, offering a celestial repeat of the energy we experienced on June 21. This lunar anomaly presents opportunities for second changes, especially when it comes to long term goals, establishing boundaries, and implementing personal structures that can lead to success. Though the vibe will be somewhat serious, Neptune steps in to offer softness and grace, helping us all better understand ourselves and each other when compassion is demonstrated. 

Mars also has a role to play under Luna’s glow, taking an official stand in Gemini to assist with multitasking, relationship building, and following through on ideas. Its proximity to the sun and moon will assist with motivation, helping us all take an optimistic approach toward situations we may have struggled with throughout the last few weeks. Now is the time to access your bravery, proving to yourself and the stars that you have the smarts and resilience to charge forward even when the tides get rough. Though challenges may lie ahead, your enhanced critical thinking skills and ability to work with others can provide new pathways forward. 

However, it’ll be important that you remain flexible without compromising the core of your work as Mercury and Uranus enter a tense square. Egos will clash when differences are given a chance to fester, making it important that you choose your battles wisely. If ever there were a moment to check your own stubborn or stagnant behaviors, now would be the time. Try not to be discouraged when plot twists arise, understanding that this celestial exchange seeks to test us all. When in doubt, be sure to slow down and ground, allowing answers to find you organically when snafus arise. 

Though tensions will certainly brew as we navigate this full moon, Venus and Jupiter conspire to soften any blows that emerge. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with true friendship can act as a saving grace, especially when you’re faced with difficult odds or competing against colleagues for similar roles. Don’t let a fierce desire to get ahead cloud your judgment when it comes to demonstrating kindness. Karma will be highly active as Saturn rules this lunation, and the universe won’t shine kindly upon those who rely on unfair advantages or trickery. 

As the sun takes its final steps through watery Cancer, it’ll also be important that you take time to invest in your private life and sense of emotional wellness. So often we get caught up in our desires, leaving little time left over for the simpler things. If possible, spend your full moon from the comfort of home, so you can receive the quiet reflection necessary to reach enlightenment. By exploring your own heart, you’ll become more aware of what you’re capable of, giving you the perseverance necessary to charge ahead. Treat yourself with kindness, without losing touch with the reality of your situation and the work that lies ahead. Remember that you cannot run on an empty tank, and be kind to your mind, body, and spirit.