Everything You Need to Know About June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 1, 2023

If the cosmos hosted star-studded events, the Sagittarius full moon on June 3 would act as a party not to be missed. With Luna displayed in all her glory under one of the luckiest and most joyous signs, a celebratory mood will descend upon us all. Allow yourself to be rushed away on a cloud of these good vibes, allowing your imagination to flow freely. The more you embrace creative and optimistic ideals, the more clearly you’ll see the path ahead, and what your true purpose is. 

While luck will certainly be on the horizon, themes around spirituality and understanding the universe will also come into play. Though it’s unlikely that you’ll decode any great secrets the other side has been harboring, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel closer to finding answers. Try not to control where your intuition takes you right now, understanding that these vibes work best with limitless freedom. Even if you feel like you’re drifting quite far from reality at times, your heart will thank you for granting it a few moments of whimsy. 

When it comes to personal goals and manifestation, this lunation will act as one of the most auspicious nights for magic and meditation, so don’t put your belief system on the back burner. No matter how grand or humble your mystical displays may be, you’ll gain much from even the simplest nod to your higher power. It would also be wise to remain open-minded, understating that you can maintain your own opinions without dismissing other people for theirs. In fact, there may be opportunities to build new bridges, especially when you lead from a place of compassion.

As the sun and moon do their dance overhead, Mercury and Uranus will share close quarters, bringing an unpredictable energy to the tale. You may want to be on guard for a curveball or two, but should pull back when it comes to reckless spending. Try to appreciate any wild goose hunts or plot twists the universe throws at you right now, looking at these anomalies as an opportunity to see something new and learn about yourself. The child within will appreciate a chance to come out and play, so be sure to let a bit of naive fun into your day.

Romance-obsessed Venus and Neptune will share a sweet exchange overhead, bringing a dreamy romance to the table that’s perfect for coupling up. Relationships that started off with sparks flying will see a new level in the dynamic, bringing a new excitement to the table that’s rooted in deeper feelings. 

Meanwhile, single star darlings will have a chance to unapologetically spoil themselves, using this celestial exchange as permission to float away from the real world in order to truly unwind and love themselves. Just try not to kid yourself by ignoring red flags, keeping a practical eye on anyone you’re entangled with, without closing the door to your heart. When all is said and done, this energy should leave you feeling light and happy. 

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