Everything You Need to Know About June’s Full Moon in Capricorn

May 31, 2024

The balance between hard and soft comes into view under the Capricorn full moon on June 21, asking us to be honest about our personal boundaries and how they help or hinder certain situations or relationships. Now is the time to get serious about your life, taking into consideration where you need more freedom, structure, or control. Lean into your sense of personal authority, taking a stand against that which is not working for you. Just be mindful that the duality between our sun and moon will strain emotions, and you may need to guard against the feelings of others in order to stay true to your own. 

You’ll become more aware of the passage of time under Luna’s glow, especially if you’re not exactly where you thought you’d be by now. Rather than allowing yourself to feel pressured or downtrodden over milestones yet to be hit, use this energy to appreciate the resilience and maturity you’ve gained throughout the years. Instead of viewing your timeline as slow moving, take into consideration how excitement and optimism may have clouded your sense of pace, causing you to set unrealistic goals. It can also be helpful to acknowledge plot twists or roadblocks that were out of your control, temporarily leading you off the path you’d initially set forth on. 

Professional goals will become increasingly meaningful during this time, and you may notice temperamental or competitive behaviors amongst colleagues. This energy could also bleed into your home life, making it important that you and your closest companions focus on ways to support and lift one another up, even if frustrations around money come into play. In a culture that obsesses over occupation and materialism, dare to place value on human worth first. With that being said, now is the ideal time to think about where you’re heading. 

With Saturn as the ruling planet of this lunation, responsible action and pragmatic thinking will be the key to making the most of these vibes. However, that doesn’t mean you need to brush the dreamer within you aside. Instead, lean into the visions you’ve held for yourself throughout the years, taking a more serious look at how you might manifest these dreams. The universe will enthusiastically bless dedication to one’s agenda, though these breakthroughs in fortune might not be instant. Capricorn energy can move slowly, understanding how much value there is in appreciating one’s journey. The more present you are in the moment and moving forward, the more you will gain along the way.

As we settle into Cancer season, this full moon also offers a chance to release baggage or grief and reclaim composure. As a collective, we’ll ride many emotional waves under the sign of the crab, which is why finding your center now is particularly important. Adopt coping mechanisms that will allow you to keep a level head and heart as we continue through this astrological era. It’ll also be important to spend more time at home, so be sure to examine your schedule closely to ensure you’ll have plenty of time to recharge moving forward.