Here’s Everything You Need to Know About March’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

February 24, 2024

One of the most romantically charged nights of the year has arrived as the lunar eclipse takes center stage in Libra, the sign which governs matters of the heart. Use this energy to reflect on your closest relationships, finding gratitude in those that ground, encourage, and inspire you. Take into consideration your role within these dynamics, finding ways to improve as a companion without creating imbalance. Now is also a good time to articulate what you need as a friend or significant other, especially if you have a tendency to keep such desires under wraps.

Unfortunately, not everyone will benefit from the amour-inducing energy at play, especially within strained dynamics. Eclipses present an opportunity to break cycles and release what is not working, and with so much energy focused on partnerships, tensions could accumulate to unavoidable conflict. On the plus side, we’ll all be given a chance to mend broken situations for good if both parties are accountable for their actions and willing to change. Watch out for submission in the name of cultivating harmony. Think deeply about where you stand within difficult situations. Though it may seem appealing to put a band-aid on situations via olive branches and apologies, it won’t serve you in the long run if you harbor a secret chip on your shoulder. Either invest fully to get to the heart of the issue, or find an exit strategy.

Luckily, a soft exchange between Venus and Jupiter elevates these celestial conditions, helping us all to ground in our emotions. When feeling conflicted, it will be important that you lean into this energy to remind yourself of what you truly value in a person and how they interact with you. Ensure that you are being treated fairly by taking into account your own generosity and shortcomings. If sore subjects are approached from a place of calm compassion and a genuine desire to get along, there should be no issues holding space for healthy dialogue, though you should monitor each situation closely.

This cosmic climate also amplifies one’s ability to manifest, especially when it comes to wishes that have been brewing within the depths of the soul. Trust that you have the power to expand and bring more beauty into your life. Work with a vision board, manifestation journal, or simply meditate to usher these dreams into the material realms. When in doubt, take into consideration how far you’ve come. Actively cultivate a genuine appreciation for all the exhaustive efforts you’ve made over time to create steadier foundations. If you’re in a position to make generous or thoughtful gestures, consider spreading blessings to those who could use some assistance.

Internally, themes around personal balance will be pronounced, and an evening of self-care should be enforced. With the sun positioned in fiery Aries, life is likely moving more quickly than you’re used to, sentiments this eclipse season will intensify. While spring is considered a time to move forward, as the moon rises into the midnight sky, make it a point to slow down while embracing luxurious pampering rituals. If you’re feeling cozy with someone special, consider exchanging massages or sharing a therapeutic bath.