Here’s Everything You Need to Know About May’s Full Moon in Sagittarius

April 25, 2024

Sagittarius energy is beloved for its uplifting, enlightening, and lucky effects, offering new glimmers of hope when it swirls through our skies. With the full moon rising in the sign of the archer on the morning of May 23, we’ll all have a chance to bask in these sparkling vibes. This lunar event could lead to exciting new breakthroughs, unexpected blessings, and new philosophical discussions. Lean into these vibes by choosing to focus on the brighter spots in your life, understanding that the expansive nature of this cosmic climate will bring growth where you invest the most time, money, and energy.

Pluto, the planet of empowerment and transformation also plays a role in this astrological event, forming supportive aspects with the sun and moon. If you’ve struggled with loss recently, the energy at play suggests new joys are on the way. Embrace change as part of your full moon journey, especially when cycling through your social sphere or community building. We’ll all be reminded of how important it is to connect and cultivate harmony, making it a good time to go where you feel seen and supported. If you’ve been struggling to find your place in society, use this energy to explore local events or volunteer opportunities, and you’ll soon find a comfortable space you can truly thrive in. 

Lingering on the sidelines of Luna’s glow comes a dreamy connection between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune, making it easier to forgive and find commonality. If you’ve been struggling within certain dynamics, now would be a good time to clear the air and move forward. Matters of the heart also benefit from this celestial exchange, bringing forth an ethereal landscape that’s ideal for flirting, romantic dates, or shamelessly disappearing into self-love through self-care. Go where you feel the most elated, side stepping any drama or stress you need a break from. 

With Jupiter as the planetary ruler of this full moon, there will be much to feel hopeful about. Now is the time to find balance between spirituality, faith, and taking a leap, pursuing opportunity as luck waits to strike. Remember that even failure offers opportunities to learn, and trust that taking a chance will serve you regardless of the final outcome. On the plus side, the universe will be in particularly good spirits, making it easier to win favor with the cosmos and the people you encounter. If you find yourself dealing with upheaval or disappointment, consider looking for new paths to travel.

A karmic element also comes into play, asking you to be generous with your energetic, financial, and emotional resources. Just try not to overextend yourself, especially when it comes to those who might take advantage. You’ll feel energized and limitless, but giving all of your focus away to other people could lead to burnout. Consider what you can grow to cultivate more happiness for yourself, regardless of if these dreams are hyper complex or shockingly simple to manifest. Everything will feel magnified under the stars, but staying grounded can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.