Got That Friday Night Full Moon Fever?

October 6, 2017

Full moon cycles are usually five-day affairs, so don’t be surprised if you are still feeling last night’s apex of the full moon in Aries.

This energetic lunation probably has you pushing forward like a warrior at the start of this weekend. Don’t shy away from those vibes! Instead, get ready to indulge in your lone-wolf tendencies.

No chains, no problem.
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Independence and going-it-alone is in the forecast for you this Friday night, so take this as an opportunity to blaze your own trail. This full moon was all about questioning authority and your relationship with the powers that be.

Indie R&B songstress Kelela echoes this no-strings-attached attitude with the track “LMK,” an anthem for those who know what they want and aren’t trying to lock anything down. Today’s energy asks you to be bold enough to state your needs, but gives you a boost of self-empowerment to stand by your freedom and personal authority.

Yesterday’s Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo adds action and attraction when paired with Aries energies. While this conjunction can result in animal magnetism and bold moves in love, the presence of Virgo’s subtlety and eye for detail adds some restraint. This aspect is charismatic and can give an extra boost to going after what you want, especially in regards to romance.

Add to that the monthly Moon-Uranus union in Aries that happens today at noon, and you get to choose – breakthrough, or breakdown?