Heart in Your Hands: A Meditation for Venus Trine to Pluto

October 3, 2017

What are we truly passionate about?

Today’s Venus-Pluto trine is a golden invitation to be indulgent. This aspect tends to have us really feeling our feelings … about everything we love and care about. While it is good to allow ourselves room to experience the intensity of our emotions, it’s also important not to get bogged down in them. It can be easy to forget what powerful creatures we are at heart.

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This meditation was created specifically to help us find balance in these moments of self-indulgence as we amplify all of our innate charm and charisma.

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable.  Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

Put one or both hands on your heart and just breathe. Think of your heart, and how it quietly supports you as it beats, all the time, in the background of your life.

In a very sincere, down-to-earth way, thank your heart.

Let your hands fall away from your heart and start listening intently to your heart’s deepest wisdom.  Call on Venus, who knows your heart best, and let her help you investigate the truth of your heart right now, in real time.
Now call on Pluto, the master of the things that compel us, and let him help you bow down to the wisdom of your heart. The more clearly you can see what your heart knows, the more power you have access to.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

See yourself in a wide-open place with a metaphorical representation of your heart in your hands.  Breathe into your real inner heart, perceive its magical abilities, and see and feel a fantastic energy starting to stream from your inner heart to the outer heart you hold in your hands.

See that outer heart magically grow and transform as energy infuses it – that outer heart becomes something huge, a castle, a forest, a lion, a wonderland.  See what magnificent thing your outer heart becomes and what insights and fresh power you can draw from that vision.

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