Here Come the Asteroids

November 15, 2017


A lot of us may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning – or at least the confused side. 

That’s because there is a touch of unease in the atmosphere today, a little emotional blurriness with all that brooding Scorpio energy infusing everything. And there’s the moon, void-of-course and nearly conjunct Mars, who is still in his detriment in Libra.

But later tonight, way out on the fringes of the cosmos, very important things will start shifting, potentially creating a ripple effect that could be huge… if we use it right. 

Around nightfall, the waning moon will come back on course in the sign of Scorpio, preparing us for the total darkness resurrection ritual of a Scorpio new moon. Plus, the asteroids will start performing some subtle magic of their own: Pallas, who is associated with strategy and justice, strides boldly into the fiery, determined sign of Aries, thus becoming a sort of uncompromising warrior queen (smash the patriarchy!). Meanwhile, Vesta, governor of the hearth, joins the sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio (know the truth!).

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There’s power here. And intensity. And also, pain.

Here’s a hard truth that we have to admit to ourselves: in a world of patriarchal violence, many of us are survivors of sexual trauma. Regardless of gender presentation or sexual orientation, it is likely that you – or someone you know – bears some painful burden surrounding sexuality that needs to be released. 

Today is a great day to offer up that burden. And we are going to call on zircon for help. 

Large zircon crystals are rare, but zircon is literally everywhere. It is the tiny flickers you see in grains of sand. It is part of the dirt and concrete beneath your every step. It is ubiquitous in the crust of the earth. It is all around us, all the time. 

You can also find beautiful little zircons for sale in crystal shops, and something resembling it chemically is manufactured for costume jewelry, but for today, you won’t need them. 

Zircon’s properties are connection with truth, clarity of thought, honesty with oneself, and facilitation of overdue healing. Isn’t it beautiful that all over the world in which we are blessed to live, there is a shimmering grid of zircon, just waiting for us to say we are ready to heal ourselves? 

Think of that grounded power. 

Tonight, if you wish, stay in. Light a candle. Think of those distant asteroids and their slow silent turning out in the cold glory of space. Think of the miracle of your existence. Say it aloud: I am ready to heal myself.  Zircon will hear you.

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