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Here’s How to Tap into the Sensual Energy of the New Moon in Taurus

Here’s How to Tap into the Sensual Energy of the New Moon in Taurus

Tomorrow is a new moon in Taurus, offering the perfect time to call in the energy of luxurious immersion.

Sometimes it can be hard to surrender completely to the pleasures of Taurus. But but sensuality and enjoyment is a huge part of Taurus energy. The second sign of the zodiac is ruled Venus, after all.

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That being said, pleasure is best indulged in without going overboard, so we’ll look at how the spiritual tool of cacao works, as opposed to its processed form, cocoa or chocolate.

Chocolate is a go-to treat for many of us, as it boosts energy and mood, and hits our pleasure centers. But the unprocessed version, raw cacao, has all of those properties as well, without the sugar and with more of the nutrients.

Cacao is full of antioxidants and minerals like iron and magnesium, which calms the nervous system. It also has neurotransmitters, which make it a natural anti-depressant.  You can drink it like hot cocoa, eat it, or use the power in smoothies and baking.

Cacao is also used ceremoniously and has been for centuries. It acts as a bridge to the spiritual realm, by opening our hearts to the wisdom there. Relaxing the body, lifting the mood, and opening the heart are all benefits of cacao. It can bring us to a place of easy enjoyment, which can be so hard to find in today’s hectic world.

As an earth sign, Taurus seeks comfort through stability, but even more so, it loves to relish in physical and emotional pleasures. With the sun and moon in Taurus, it’s a great time to let yourself sink into the uplifting embrace of cacao.

Why not create a simple ceremony for yourself or for a circle of loved ones for this new moon? Call in some easy enjoyment, and feel at home in this sensual Taurus energy.