How to Attune Your Life to the Rhythms of the Universe

July 20, 2020

For thousands of years, astrologers, magicians, and stargazers have followed the rhythms of the planets and their correlation to the days of the week in order to attune to their energy. This practice dates back to Babylonian times, as early as 2,000 B.C, when the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) hadn’t yet been discovered.

These great minds of the past found that each day of the week corresponds to a planet—and therefore, that planet’s energy. It’s no coincidence that in English, as well as other languages like Spanish and French, the days of the week sometimes resemble the name of the planet that corresponds to that particular day. By focusing on the themes of the planet that rules each day, we can attune our lives to the natural rhythms of this ancient weekly astro-calendar created by our ancestors.

Monday (Lunes in Spanish and Lundi in French) is ruled by the moon
Thanks to the temperamental moon, Monday is the best day of the week to focus on self-care and self-love, as we usually find ourselves dealing with mood swings. The moon also rules the body as well as the stomach, so it’s also a great day to eat a balanced diet in order to compensate for any excess that must have taken place over the weekend.
Finally, Monday is not a good day to begin anything new. Since the moon is the fastest planetary body in our system, beginning it on this day could take away its permanence.

Monday ritual practices: Take a bath or spend time near the water, cook a healthy meal, call your mom, or spend time with your family. And even if you have to work during the day, try to give yourself breaks or just relax in the evening.

Tuesday (Martes in Spanish and Mardi in French) is ruled by Mars
This the best day of the week to assert yourself. Unless other planetary alignments say otherwise, it’s a great day to show your leadership skills or do anything that requires courage. It’s also a great day for exercising, as the energy of Mars is best spent doing something active. Since Mars is the ruler of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it’s a good day to begin something new, but not a good day to focus on a project that requires tact and/or diplomacy.
Tuesday ritual practices: Get up early. Go for a run. Take a brisk walk. Sign up for a kickboxing class. Have sex. Masturbate.

Wednesday (Miércoles in Spanish and Mercredi in French) is ruled by Mercury
Ruled by cosmic messenger Mercury, Wednesday is the best day of the week to focus on all communication-related activities, either written or verbal. It’s also a great day to spend time thinking about any problems that require a logical solution—this can include having tough conversations, as language is highly favored. And unless other planetary alignments say otherwise, Wednesday is also a great time to begin a new project or practice that requires focus.

Wednesday ritual practices: Answer that dreaded text or email, spend some time journaling, book a weekend getaway, start outlining that idea for a book or podcast you have been flirting with.

Thursday (Jueves in Spanish and Jeudi in French) is ruled by Jupiter
We all love Thursday (and no, it’s not because it’s almost Friday). This day is ruled by magnanimous Jupiter. As one of the two most positive planets in our solar system, Jupiter helps us expand, think big, and take risks! It’s also a great day to study, philosophize about life, and let our mind wander. Because Jupiter rules abundance, it can also be a good day to plant the seed of something we want to see grow.

Thursday ritual practices: Meditate or practice an abundance ritual. Read a book or focus on learning anything new. Book a trip to a faraway destination. Do something nice for someone.

Friday (Viernes in Spanish and Vendredi in French) is ruled by Venus
The goddess of love rules Friday, making this day perfect to focus on doing whatever brings you the most pleasure. She also rules fashion and the arts, so it’s the best time of the week to go to a music or art show, or even visit a museum or gallery. This is also the most social day of the week, ideal for planning dinner parties whenever possible and safe. It’s also the best day to get married, unless other planetary alignments say otherwise.

Friday ritual practices: Go on a date or hook up with someone for the first time. Take the day off and just relax. Go to the spa. Unless Venus is retrograde, get a makeover or get your hair done.

Saturday (Sábado in Spanish and Samedi in French) is ruled by Saturn
Contrary to popular belief, Saturdays are not good days to relax and chill out. Why? This day is ruled by the stern, responsible Saturn—meaning it’s the time of the week to get our act together. This is the day to run errands, fix anything that might be broken, pay the bills, and basically do anything that will keep our life functioning. And of course, this is the worst possible day of the week to get married!

Saturday ritual practices: Do laundry, go grocery or online shopping, change that light bulb that went out over the week, check your credit card statement. Since Saturn rules time, start something that is meant to last.

Sunday (Domingo in Spanish and Dimanche in French) is ruled by the sun
Like its name implies, Sundays are ruled by the sun, the most important star from our human viewpoint. Now that you’ve taken care of business, it’s time to focus on doing YOU. Do something that resonates with your core self as well as your sun sign. Since the sun relates to authority figures, this is a good day to approach one, as you are likely to succeed and catch their attention.

Sunday ritual practices: Bask in the rays of the sun, practice yoga, or do something that boosts your self-confidence as well as your vitality. It’s also a great day to immerse yourself in creative projects.