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How to Avoid Losing Your Mind By Staying Flexible Today

How to Avoid Losing Your Mind By Staying Flexible Today

Venus is square Neptune today, an aspect that combines love and spirituality in ways that might exacerbate the emotions of particularly sensitive people. There can be a sense of disillusion or sadness, as Neptune tends to cloud the vision of the heart. 

Because Neptune can potentially trip up Venus by misleading her, today we turn to a perfect antidote to those potential blocks in love or finances: the willow tree. 

Being flexible works well for both love (Venus) and spirituality (Neptune). Willow trees are frequently found near water, which adds to this connection to love and spirituality as well.

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The bark of the willow tree contains a chemical that is the same ingredient in aspirin, making it an anti-inflammatory, and a blood thinner. Sometimes known as witches’ aspirin, willow bark lets things start to release and flow, which is always good for a Venus aspect. It allows us to be flexible, in the same way, the branches of the willow tree bend in the wind and don’t break.  It can be good for having mystical dreams and enhancing intuition.

The bark is used in natural medicine— it can be boiled as a tea, or extracted into a tincture. It is used for pain relief and to reduce fever. The extract can be used directly on the skin of the face and can be found as an ingredient in commercial acne products. 

The tree itself can be invoked as a wise elder for help in solving problems of the heart, whether romantic or spiritual. It is a good ally for loss and grief, as it allows us to release and let go of emotional attachments.  Sitting near a willow tree can help support us as we move through difficult emotions or transitions, gaining clarity about our feelings, and moving past them.