How to Embody Abundance on the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius

May 28, 2018

This May full moon, often called the Flower Moon, is a perfect Springtime-themed moon: good for growing, widening into love and abundance, pleasure, and other high-minded and alive-minded pursuits.
This full moon comes to us on a Tuesday, ruled by Mars. This moon is in Sagittarius, and the sun is in Gemini. Spellwork would be favored around travel (all kinds, i.e., your words or talents traveling virtually or literally), good luck, growth, construction, expansion, ambition, public perceptions, protection, strength, sex and sexuality, confidence, fame, generosity, or communication goals such as speaking, teaching, writing, and publishing.
Where do you need to communicate new ideas to larger groups? Where are you ready to take up more space? What talents do you need to invest more in, and how will you do this? Where can you open up more, show more of your true self and talents to more smiling faces?
Ask yourself: where do I want to grow? How am I already in bloom? How will I embody abundance?

An Expansion Spell for the Flower Full Moon

Before working your spell, set up your space/altar accordingly with your objects/elements.

Things You Will Need:

A trusted tarot or oracle deck.
Four candles in your favorite colors or color combination, that represent what you are calling in and what you want to be manifested in the next six months or sooner.
Nature fodder for your altar. Take a walk outside to gather anything that calls for you – any fallen leaves, twigs, or sweet-smelling buds.
Suggested crystals: garnet, cinnabar, pyrite, honey calcite, celestite, ametrine.
Suggested oils/scents: sesame, frankincense, ylang-ylang, geranium, pepper or peppercorns.
Plants/herbs: plants, flowers, or herbs that represent expansiveness and pleasure to you.
Elements to your altar that represent water, earth, air, and fire.

The Spell:

Get clear on what four aspects you are ready to expand out into or embody more. They could correspond to the four elements (fire, earth, water, air) or be completely different and represent what you need to cultivate more of in your life. Be very clear about what they are, and be committed to carrying them out and working on them, energetically, spiritually, and physically/behavior-wise.
On small pieces of paper, write down what they are. (Later, you will place them under your candles.)
Choose a Tarot card from the deck that most represents you, your desires, at your highest level, at this time. Place that in the middle.
Decorate and place any other powerful and meaningful elements around in the altar. Dress your candles appropriately. Place your candles closely around your Tarot card. Tuck your written correspondences under each one. As you light them in a clockwise fashion you may wish to say your incantation or read your petitions.
After the candles are lit and burning, spend time visualizing and imagining yourself transmuting and transforming your desired energy into form. Experience embodying all the feelings that come along with this. Imagine yourself doing the work, energetically and physically, to do all the desires you are calling in at this time.
Over the next three days, spend time at your altar. Every day, move the candles a few inches away from the Tarot card representing you. Light them and again imagine your expansion. Imagine your desires, your feelings, and your actions reaching a greater audience, fulfilling more and more of your potential, filled with many more opportunities that have no end.
On the last night, as your candles burn down, imagine sending out your specific light into the universe, only to be reflected back more brightly. You may wish to burn your wishes to charge them, or tape them on your mirror or put them in your wallet for a time to keep your attention.
In the days and weeks following your spell, do the work you’ve promised yourself you would do – emotionally, energetically, and physically – to move towards your expansion. Focus primarily on these. Pay attention to the most important actions and alignment you can take towards your own personal alchemy.
Happy Full Moon!
This excerpt adapted from Many Moons 2018 Vol 1.
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