How to Enter a State of Flow With This Motivating Trine

May 4, 2018

“Mikki Dora”
Amen Dunes

“Getting on fine
Catch the next wave”

Ride the waves of productivity today, as the sun in Taurus trines the moon in Capricorn, a transit that brings success and peace across the board.

When the sun and the moon form a trine, our physical and emotional natures become in sync. Life has an easier flow to it, and the only downside of this kind of energy is the ease with which it envelopes us. Cooperative endeavors shine, and material gain is likely thanks to the presence of Taurus and Capricorn. This is low-drama astrology at it’s best: whether you’re planning a busy day or a vacation, you’ll feel at ease.

Capricorn moon relishes in responsibility and practicality, so emotions are likely to be grounded and useful. The sun in Taurus can relate, creating an atmosphere of peace that allows circumstances to flow effortlessly.

In today’s song of the moment by Amen Dunes, we’re invited to ride the waves of “Miki Dora,”  the tale of the legendary and problematic rebel of American surfing. Here Damon McMahon dissects the heroic male anti-hero, allowing him to be remembered by what he did best: riding the waves.

Use today’s flowing astrology to smooth over difficult relationships, and practice acceptance for the individuals in your life that challenge your views.

Listen to “Miki Dora” by Amen Dunes.