How to Get your Groove Back While Venus Is in Leo

June 13, 2018

As Venus, the planet of all things love and money, moves into the sign of regal grandeur, you might feel like a lion crawling out of its den after a long nap, blinking and stretching in the sun.
All that time you spent hiding in your den was for self-protection. Venus has been hanging out in emotional and intuitive Cancer since May 19, making us all emo AF and giving off vibes that made most of us want to hibernate.
Think of the planets that rule each sign: Cancer is ruled by the moon and its element is water. When Venus is in Cancer it highlights any over-sensitivities and neediness that lurks deep within our psyche. It also helps us express our vulnerabilities, which can in turn bring closeness in the relationships that are important to our soul-growth.
Honestly, it can also feel a tad emotionally draining especially when you’re not feeling completely emotionally safe and secure.
Enter Venus in Leo.
Here, we are ruled by the sun, and our element is fire. Known as the planet of the self, the sun is the center of our universe. No more hiding, no more nursing our wounds. Now is the time to tap into the strength-in-vulnerability you just discovered within yourself and realize that therein lies your confidence.
This is the time to get out there, for you to do you — make that money, honey, and put on your CFM shoes!

by Shereen Campbell


How to Get Your Groove Back When Venus is in Leo

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Let the pampering begin, Aries!
Venus is moving into your fifth house, also known as the house of pleasure. You will be extra sparkly for the next few weeks, pulling cuties like moths to flames. Get ready to get it on. Prepare to woo and be wooed. But, be sure not to overdo it – people who play with fire sometimes get burned. Take a moment to ask yourself: Do I like this? Does it make me feel good? Does it bring me pleasure?
Also, realize that the fifth house also rules love, children, and creativity. Make sure to make time for your creative pursuits. And if you have any kids in your life, make opportunities to deepen your relationship with them.


It’s time to finally tackle those home improvements you’ve been pondering for a while, Taurus.
Venus in Leo loves to make things more beautiful, and as it moves into your fourth house, now is the time to use that energy for your home. After all, the energy of where you lay your head is of utmost importance, so making that space as comfortable and calming as possible should be a priority.
Even if it’s as little as swapping the curtains for something more springy to a larger project like updating your bathroom, the stars are sending you little love beams of support.
Once you’re all done, be sure to host a little shindig to celebrate. Venus is Leo is amazing for throwing a spectacular house party.


Even if you already thought your wit game was flawless, with Venus in Leo, you’ll impress yourself with the new heights you can reach. Venus will be gracing your third house, the house of communication.
Ooooooh, Gemini, you will be in rare form! You might find that your already impressive gift for gab is about to increase tenfold! You’ll be able to convince folks of almost anything. Banter will be your favorite game. Plus, you could also experience a closeness with your siblings you haven’t felt in a while.
Finally, if some weekend trips come your way, it would be wise to jump on them.
If you’ve been wanting to find a way to earn some extra cash, Cancer, this is the time to do it. She will be making her way through your second house until July 10, so look for opportunities to get a raise if you have a steady job… or to up your side-hustle if you are making it work.
If you do find yourself in a position to ask for a raise or to negotiate a larger salary elsewhere, make sure you are uber-prepared. Doing something as simple as making a list of your recent accomplishments goes a long way. With Venus in Leo, we must beware of letting our pride get in the way of our success. Have those high of expectations, but make sure you are ready to present the credentials to back them up.
If you approach with facts and humility you might find that Venus in Leo will deliver just the results you were looking for.


OMG, Leo, you’re gonna be turning heads. Not that you weren’t hot stuff already, but when Venus enters Leo, you have an extra glow. She’s also cruising through your first house, the house of the self, so honestly, it really is your time to shine.
Try out that new hairstyle you’ve been thinking about. Go ahead and buy those new shoes you would not normally wear. The only thing you have to watch out for is not overdoing it. There’s no need to blow your entire paycheck on beauty products. One new lipstick could do wonders.
Looking good is really about feeling good, so take a moment to really do things that nourish you.


This is the optimum time to explore the inner workings of your unconscious, Virgo. You might discover some secret talents if you look deep enough.
When Venus moves into Leo and your 12th house of solitude and psyche, you will feel more connected to your higher self than usual. Don’t be scared to play with some crystals (rose quartz is a good start) or even a pendulum to increase the connection.
If you do get into any secret trysts, be sure that they can survive the light. For what’s done in the dark always comes to light.


This is the time for your social life to get lit AF.
When Venus moves into Leo, don’t be surprised if your already social calendar starts getting even more jam-packed. This is the optimum time for networking and making new friends for you, Libra.
You should have no shortage of events to attend, but just be sure to make sure you are taking some days off just for you. You don’t want to get burned out and miss that one event you had been waiting for because you danced too many nights in a row.
Balance is key!


Your career is about to be on fire, Scorpio.
Venus is moving into your house of career and this is the optimum time to impress the higher-ups at work or your clients if you are self-employed. You will find yourself especially well-equipped for schmoozing and socializing with key decisions makers at this time. Also, if a new project comes along, you might find that you are kicking butt and taking names.
Be sure not to get too cocky though, remember to keep it humble and charming. Remember, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.


Exploration is the name of the game when Venus moves through Leo this month, Sag. You will feel the itch to go somewhere far, far away – even if it’s only mentally.
Venus will be cruising through your ninth house of exploration, foreign travel, and higher education. If you have the means, jump at the chance to travel to a foreign country. Spending time with folks who are a lot different than you will be really good for you right now.
You might also be interested in signing up for a new class, picking up a new book or trying a cuisine you’ve never tried before. All things in the name of exploration are favored right now. So, get out there and explore!


First, let’s get practical, Capricorn. You’ll be happy to know when Venus travels through Leo, it’s an optimal time to renegotiate any loans or debt you have because she will be making her way through your eighth house of merging of resources, other people’s money, sex, debt, and loans.
Call up your mortgage or credit card company and ask if they would be willing to take down your interest rate. It can’t hurt to ask. This is also a great time to apply for a new loan or think about purchasing some property. Venus is favoring anything to do with other people’s money until mid-July so you might as well take advantage.
And that’s not the only thing she’s favoring for you, Capricorn. She’s happy to aid in the successful merging of any resources – including your body with the body of another. Yes, you read that correctly: all things in the bedroom will also be fruitful. Enjoy!


Things in your long-term relationship or business partnership are about to heat up, Aquarius. Venus will be making moves into your seventh house of marriage, long-term partnership and business relationships. You might find that date night gets a little sweeter or you’re want to take your relationship to the next level over the next few weeks.
If you’re not attached but dating, perhaps someone might want to make things official, as this is the time for grand displays of affection. Business partnerships will also have a bit of a glow to them, and your working relationships will feel a bit smoother than normal. It might also help that you’re more open to compromise at this time. Revel in the warmth!


Your day-to-day responsibilities and work life have had you feeling a little emotional, right, Pisces? Well, we have good news for you – that’s all about to change.
As Venus in Leo enters your sixth house this month, you will feel that you have your fire back. This house governs health, work, and service. A project that will make you feel capable and confident could be right around the corner – or you might discover a wellness routine that finally resonates with you. This is an optimum time to sign up for a new gym class or raise your hand for a new responsibility at work.
Also, if you have been feeling like your life has been lacking meaning, now is a great time to give your time, attention, or money to the act of helping others. Take a look around you and discover what you can do to help those in need. But, also, don’t be surprised if you realize the one who might benefit the most from your time and attention is you.