Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes to Tame Your Inner Fire This July 2018

July 19, 2018

As with all Mercury retrograde transits, including this latest one starting on July 26, 2018, you can expect setbacks, mishaps, and miscommunications, as well as running into old contacts, colleagues, and crushes (yikes).

Mercury in Leo is loud and proud. If Mercury normally deals best when in rational, objective signs, when in Leo, Mercury is instead entangled deep into our hearts, begging to express that which beats from within.

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At its highest and best, Mercury in Leo thinks and speaks with integrity, aware that there must always be a resonance between what we say and what we do. The only danger when Mercury is in Leo is coming off too brash, unable to realize when we’ve said too much and need to reign ourselves in.

 by Lee Coleman


 Key aspects made during the Mercury retrograde in Leo will lead us in two disparate directions. A series of squares to Jupiter in Scorpio are likely to lead us in the direction of over-optimistic, aggrandized thinking, which may ultimately leave us big on vision and scant on details. Much more helpfully, a series of trines to asteroid Vesta will focus our minds, enabling us to buckle down and do the research and legwork needed to succeed.

Mercury squares Jupiter in Scorpio July 9, August 10, and August 27; Mercury trines asteroid Vesta in Sagittarius July 21, July 31, and September 3.

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 On July 25, 2018, Mercury will station retrograde at 23°27′ of Leo, staying retrograde until August 18, when Mercury will station direct at 11°31′ of Leo. Though the effects are most potent between July 26 and August 19, the effects of the Mercury retrograde may start to emerge as early as July 8, when Mercury first enters its shadow period, and as late as September 1, when Mercury finally exits its shadow.

Mercury enters its shadow period: July 8
Mercury stations retrograde: July 25
Mercury retrograde conjunct the sun: August 8
Mercury stations direct: August 18
Mercury exits its shadow: September 1


  • Most intense for Leo, as the Mercury retrograde is occurring on your home turf, especially if you have planets or points in your natal chart around 8 to 26° of Leo
  • Most challenging for Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus, as difficult aspects across your signs may produce tensions
  • Most beneficial for Sagittarius and Aries, as you may find the workarounds productive in the long run

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Read more to discover just how the Mercury retrograde in Leo may unfold for you.

Aries (and Aries Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo occurring in your fifth house, you may be revisiting old lovers and fleshly pleasures – and deciding which ones are and are not to be carried forward. Returning to previous creative pursuits may be just the thing to carry you through this period, particularly if those projects have a spiritual, higher-minded bend.

Taurus (and Taurus Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your fourth house, you’re likely to have your attention focused on your house, home life, and parents. While it may be a good time to refurb, it’s not the best (meaning easiest) time to move to a new house. There’s likely to be a plethora of chat between yourself and your partner; the deeper you go into the unsaid agreements between you, the better.

Gemini (and Gemini Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your third house, you’ll need to review your correspondence and documents with a fine-toothed comb, as well as your relationships to siblings and extended family. Be careful about words in the workplace and lean on the advice of your most trusted partners if you’re ever unsure.

Cancer (and Cancer Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your second house, your spending patterns are up for review, and there may even be changes or slip-ups in payments or cash exchanges. You are likely to feel ready by the retrograde’s end to change your relationship to certain splurge spending patterns, which will be well supported by changes you make in your work and in your daily grind.

Leo (and Leo Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your first house, you may be overthinking the relationship between yourself and your home or family. For now, don’t assume that you have all the answers; for the moment, turn your attention towards your roots. Returning to a state of child-like enthusiasm and play will help you bide the time and remind you of what truly nurtures you.

Virgo (and Virgo Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your twelfth house, taking some time out to retreat and reflect could be on the cards, particularly as it relates to the sanctity of your mind. Over-thinking, a common Virgo past time, could slow down during this transit. Restorative time spent with family or tucked away from the maddening crowds may be just the ticket for returning to inner balance.

Libra (and Libra Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your eleventh house, it could be that you’re feeling a conflict of values between yourself and your crew, or that you might be over-evaluating the health of your financial future. Use the Mercury retrograde to refocus your efforts, leaving no stone unturned and no fine print unread before making any long-term decisions.

Scorpio (and Scorpio Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your tenth house, career is likely to be a focus for you, both in what it adds to your life and how you’d like it to expand in the near future. The first important step will be to mitigate any overly optimistic thoughts and get down to brass tacks about where you’re headed. Focus on developing your talents, which will inevitably benefit your bottom line.

Sagittarius (and Sagittarius Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your ninth house, matters of spirit and foreign people, places, and travel are all up for a grand review. You may feel as if you’re making grand jumps forward in your healing journey, growing leaps, and bounds. Your greatest enemy during this retrograde will be assuming you’ve got it all figured out. Your greatest ally? Opening yourself to further inspiration, assured that there is so much more to learn.

Capricorn (and Capricorn Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your eighth house, you are likely to find yourself ruminating endlessly on where you are and where you wished you were – that essential gap between the present and our aspirations. Aim to reframe your thoughts about this situation by seeing how far you’ve already come. Growth will result by mining your psyche for self-limiting beliefs, and then banishing them.

Aquarius (and Aquarius Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your seventh house, idealistic and possibly inflated discussions are likely to arise about career and partnerships. Dream big now, but leave the decision-making for later. Use this period to carefully redefine what it is you want to achieve in your partnerships, whether personal or professional, and then go about putting those changes in place.

Pisces (and Pisces Rising)

With the Mercury retrograde in Leo happening in your sixth house, now is the time to revamp your daily routines (some of which need to go!) in favor of whatever brings you better health and serenity. Wait to confirm any major travel plans until after the retrograde. You’ll receive the most benefit from the retrograde by focusing on making small adjustments in daily tasks that will add up to big changes in your career over time.
 by Lee Coleman
Image by Johnny Clow.