Infuse Old Ideas with New Energy, Today!

April 26, 2018

The Wicker Man

With Mercury direct in straightforward Aries, we want answers and we want them now. But with yesterday’s Mercury-Saturn square still in effect, we’re likely to encounter some resistance, especially if we “play the fool” by rushing into situations for which we’re mentally unprepared.
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When Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) follows an anonymous missing-persons report to a remote Scottish island, he finds out just how dangerous jumping to conclusions can be. If you’ve never witnessed his fate in this cult classic of British horror, today’s MarsPluto conjunction in Capricorn is the perfect occasion!

Did you know that Pluto in currently retrograde in Capricorn? Find out more in our recent article, “A Brutal Master: Everything You Need to Know About Pluto Retrograde.”

Not that a Mars-Pluto conjunction is something we should fear. On the contrary, this alignment is perfect for acting in pragmatic, resourceful ways and infusing old structures with new energy, just like the ancestors of Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) did when they revived the “old religion” in hopes of restoring fertility to their barren land.

But just like any aspect, this one does have a darker side. Too much focus on materialistic objectives like wealth, power, or simply survival can cut us off from our basic humanity. And while sometimes destruction is necessary for creation, this idea can be dangerous when taken to extremes.

It’s food for thought as we approach Sunday’s Scorpio full moon.
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Also on Sunday, the sun in Taurus trines retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, making us especially aware of our connection to natural rhythms, seasons, and cycles. It’s a perfect day to spend time outdoors or enjoy other earthy, sensual delights.

But all that earth energy can also weigh us down, especially with Venus in light, airy Gemini making an uneasy quincunx to Saturn two days later. We’ll have more fun on Tuesday if we add some intellectual stimulation to our Beltane (May Day) festivities.