Intensity and Expansion: When Mars Joins Jupiter in Scorpio

December 11, 2017


Two days ago, Mars entered Scorpio. This is territory that Jupiter has already been working on growing since October.

Jupiter has been expanding the vibration in Scorpio, and now Mars will take those vibes and make them into reality. Mars is the planet of our motivations and actions.

Mars in Scorpio means we could be more sexually motivated, more instinctually driven, more in-tune with our power, and be carrying a stronger personal presence.

We’ll need a strong plant ally for this time, and the intensity of frankincense works well.

Frankincense is typically used in resin form, which is actually the sap from a tree found in Africa. It has been used for centuries, in religious and spiritual ceremonies, because it raises the vibration of a space, purifies the energy, and makes it sacred.

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The smell of the burning resin is distinctive, strong and earthy.  It is good for creating a meditative state, allowing us to feel calm, centered and connected. It can also be used in oil form, for a less intense and smoky experience, applied directly on the skin to heal and enhance it, or for energetic protection. The oil is also anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system, although always used externally.

Frankincense is powerful for adding strength and for purifying your personal energy, which allows for a deeper spiritual connection, which in turn amplifies personal power.

When Mars is taking action in the realm of Scorpio, we want to be sure that our intentions are of the highest vibration, and enable ourselves to embody that high vibration. Frankincense has been a tool for this process throughout time, used as a holy agent by people as diverse as the ancient Egyptians and the modern Catholic church.

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