January 14: Uranus Goes Direct

January 4, 2021

Uranus stations direct at 12:36 a.m.
Just after midnight, Uranus, the cosmic awakener, stations direct in Taurus, having been in retrograde motion since August 15 of 2020. This slow-moving planet with a singularly erratic motion (it “rolls” instead of spinning on a horizontal axis) brings rebellion, redefinition, and revolution in its wake. The sudden insights and events its transits provoke serve to remind us that there is no constant but change.
During Uranus retrograde, the energy of change is directed towards our inner, psychological landscape, awakening us to the alterations we must make in our way of thinking if we are to contend with the upheaval occurring on the material plane. However, as it stations direct in earthy Taurus, its signatures once again flow outwards into our environments, bringing sweeping upheaval to the economy and ecosystem.
Uranus direct is a reminder that the earth cannot function as a sustainable resource if we mistreat it, and industry cannot function if we mistreat those who comprise our labor forces. Uranus direct is sure to deliver more industry upsets, more ecological damage, and a further expansion in the wealth gap unless we can use the lessons we internalized during its retrograde spin to change the nature of our participation and help to not only revise toxic systems, but revitalize them through innovation.
The moon is conjunct Mercury at 1:28 a.m., and moon void of course begins
Following this shift, the Aquarius moon aligns with Mercury, fostering a blend of intellectualism and intuition. Because many of us are asleep, our dreams may be filled with visions of the future, and how we would like to use our voices to inspire positive change, inclusivity, and progress. The moon begins its void of course following this transit, which will last for over 24 hours. At this time, our hours could be better spent devising plans and imagining solutions to problems we are already facing, instead of tackling new things.
The sun is conjunct Pluto at 6:19 a.m.
Come the morning, the sun and Pluto align in Capricorn, helping us to empower ourselves. With light thrown onto shadow territory, we better understand the root of our motivations, making this an ideal time for therapy, spiritual ritual, and psychological healing. This influence makes us quite intense and uncompromising in our interactions with others. Because we are reestablishing a sense of personal power, we can make sweeping changes to our circumstances by demonstrating fearlessness and confidence. Just make sure that your energy is extending no further than your own domain. Control issues can arise now if we attempt to exert our will over others inappropriately.
All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.