January 18: Intention and Inspiration

January 11, 2021

The moon is sextile Saturn at 6:20 a.m.


Around dawn, the Aries moon creates a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius, amplifying protective instincts. We are defensive in the name of those we love now, leading the charge on tasks as a method of showing our dedication and commitment. We may stumble over our sentiments now, more predisposed to showing our feelings through actions that may or may not be well-contrived.


But it’s the thought that counts with Saturn in Aquarius, which acknowledges that we are proving our mettle for the sake of our families and communities, our superiors and elders. We want them to know we will protect them in a crisis, which could have the effect of ingratiating us to the proper authorities, who may have otherwise doubted our integrity.



The moon is conjunct Chiron at 9:49 a.m.


In the morning, the moon aligns with Chiron in Aries, shining a spotlight on our insecurities while isolating us from the resources necessary to put them in perspective. Because we are hyper-focused on the past now, dissecting our missteps and mistakes, we lose contact with the physical world around us, alienating ourselves by proxy.


This is a good opportunity for self-work, but the aggressive and energetic Aries moon may arouse tempestuous feelings within us, making us combative, eager to fight our way out of distress. If we can reframe “failures” as gifts in disguise, we gain access to healing. If not, the impression of woundedness might prevail, leaking into reactive exchanges with those we love.



The moon is sextile Jupiter at 12:45 p.m.


In the afternoon, the moon forms a sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius, helping to take some of the edge off. We are able to visualize past upsets as learning opportunities that have not only allowed us to grow as people, but that have broadened our networks and increased our chances of success. Because we are more social, we are also eager to learn about others’ experiences, as they might provide us with new sources of inspiration.



Vesta stations retrograde at 11:57 p.m.


Before midnight, Vesta, the asteroid of sacred devotion, stations retrograde in Virgo. It will move backwards until late April, and during this time, we can visualize our passions in a state of incubation. We may not experience a huge shift in our behavior during this station, as the flame of inspiration that motivates us is always subtly guiding our choices.


However, others may notice changes in us instead. We may be witnessed as harboring a certain strength and resolve what is it that others feel when they encounter us. This shifts their style of relating. Subsequently, rather than going out of our way to locate platforms for cultivating our visions, or finding proper community support, others may seek us out, sensing our unmanifested potential.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.