January Astrology Forecast: A Complex Tapestry of Energies Calls for a Balancing Act

December 27, 2023

Welcome to a new month, a new year, and a new epoch! With the sun beginning in Capricorn
and ending in Aquarius, January kicks off the monumental, two-decade-long presence of Pluto in
Aquarius! As award-winning astrologer Natasha Weber puts it, “January’s astrological climate
feels like standing at a crossroads, with one foot in the world of steadfast responsibility and the
other itching to dance into carefree revelry. It’s like the cosmos is handing us a mixed playlist,
featuring both melancholy ballads and feel-good tracks.”

On December 30, lucky Jupiter goes direct, and on January 1, Mercury follows, bringing speed
to commerce, communication, and financial markets. “Mercury going direct and gaining
momentum in Sagittarius in early January brings a sense of relief. For anyone with contracts
waiting to be signed or crucial negotiations pending, this planetary shift is a welcome change. It’s
like the cosmos’ green light to move forward with important communications and agreements,”
Natasha adds.

The last 2023 retrograde ends at month’s end, when Uranus—the planet of change—goes direct
on January 26. From now and until March 30, there will not be retrograde planets in the sky,
making January, February, and March some of the most productive months of the entire year!

Mars In Capricorn Boosts Your Drive

The most powerful planet in the sky is Mars, which enters its sign of exaltation on January 4.
When Mars is in Capricorn, our way to chase our goals adopts a structured, diligent, and
strategic approach. Our eyes are on the prize, which is most likely related to career or personal
business matters.

Communicative Mercury and money-hungry Venus also enter Capricorn on January 13 and
January 23 respectively, adding more strength to Mars. “Navigating through January with its
strong Capricorn influence feels a bit like gearing up for a marathon. The key is to embrace all
things Capricorn, which means diving headfirst into work, organizing your life like a pro, and
not shying away from responsibilities. It’s about facing any tasks or problems you’ve been
dodging, especially if they’re related to setting healthy boundaries in relationships or finances,”
Natasha agrees.

The desire to succeed will be felt deeply by us all, especially between January 14 and January
20, which is when the sun will activate power-hungry Pluto. Consciously or unconsciously, we
are aware that we are closing a fifteen-year cycle—and we want to do our very best! “January
might feel like having a coach who pushes really hard. So, it’s also important to remember to
breathe, keep expectations realistic, and plant our feet firmly on the ground—but not so firmly
that moving forward becomes impossible. The trick lies in striking that sweet spot between
diligent work and taking care of ourselves,” Natasha suggests.

The First New Moon of 2024

On Thursday, January 11, we welcome the new moon in Capricorn, one of the best lunar events
of the year to set intentions related to career, business, and public visibility. However, anything
we begin now can be successful, as Mars will be forming a trine with lucky Jupiter.

According to Natasha, “The new moon in Capricorn is like a stern mentor, reminding us that the
party hats need to be shelved for a bit longer. There’s this relentless push to keep working hard,
to stay the course. However, the complex involvement of Pluto and Uranus stirs up a cocktail of
uncertainty and anticipation that can leave many of us feeling slightly on edge, wondering what
twists and turns lie ahead.”

Aquarius Season Kicks off the Age of Aquarius

Expect big headlines and news around January 20, which is when the sun and Pluto meet right
before entering Aquarius. This is the last time this conjunction will happen, as Pluto will only
return to Capricorn from September to mid-November. According to Natasha, “This signifies the
culmination of Capricorn’s lessons for humanity. These lessons revolve around the challenges of
working in large corporations with minimal benefit for the average person, the excesses of
society’s fat cats, the impacts of mega financial institutions and big banks, dominating
government rule, divisive international borders, cultural segregation, and major cover-ups. While
in Aquarius, we can expect Pluto to expose and dismantle these structures.”

“Power to the people” is the Water-Bearer’s mantra and one that will keep resonating with more
and more people worldwide, over the course of the next twenty years. As the old structures
continue to crumble, concepts of freedom, revolution, and individuality come to the forefront.
The developments we began seeing in AI earlier this year, for example, are just the beginning,
and can be and will be both, positive and negative, depending on how we manage them!

“This transit will gradually foster cohesive communities, independent enterprises, and acquiring
new information and knowledge, some of which might be initially shocking. Most notably, there
will be significant advancements in science and technology, including robotics and artificial
intelligence. However, the potential misuse of these technological advancements is a pressing
concern. As 2024 progresses, vigilance against emerging threats like deepfakes, voice
recognition technology, and escalating cybercrime will be crucial. The bright side of Pluto’s shift
into Aquarius is genuinely something to be excited about, particularly in the areas of medical and
scientific advancements,” Natasha adds.

The First Full Moon of 2024

The month comes to a close with the January 25 full moon in Leo, which will feel, after so much
intensity, like a breather. Perhaps a bit tired of putting so much effort into our career, we will
now feel like letting loose and having fun! Both, the sun and moon, will be forming a square
with Jupiter, meaning that some of us might get lucky after the enormous effort we have invested
towards our goals. Creative work can easily be accomplished now, setting the stage for what we
want to create for ourselves in the year ahead.

In a cosmic nutshell, Natasha affirms that “January presents a complex tapestry of energies—a
month of balancing the act of diligent work with a dash of fun and a ton of transformation. It’s
about finding joy in the journey, even when the path feels a bit rocky. By finding this balance,
we can tap into the productivity and efficiency that January lays out before us. It’s about setting
the stage in preparation for what promises to be an eventful 2024.”