January 21: Finding the Proper Outlets

January 11, 2021

The moon is conjunct Uranus at 12:31 a.m.


The moon is conjunct Mars at 1:08 p.m.


After midnight, the Taurus moon aligns with Uranus, stimulating the senses and filling our dreams with inspiring visions, that is, if we are not awakened by its restless and anxious energy. Be sure to record your dreams, as the half-asleep brain always believes vivid imagery will hold over until the morning, and this is rarely the case. The information passed to you from the beyond now may prove invaluable. Follow your weirder instincts and you won’t be disappointed.


Shortly after, the moon syncs up with Mars, so if you weren’t awake before, you are now. We may have a sudden compulsion to start crafting, project planning, or exercising—anything to utilize this excess motivation. Exhausting our bodies might help some of us to get back to sleep, but for others will produce restlessness and frustration. Discord is likely to be the most keenly felt with our loved ones, so try not to snap even if you feel provoked.



The moon is square Jupiter at 2:15 p.m.


Come the afternoon, the moon squares off with Jupiter in Aquarius. Feelings of goodwill make us both industrious and charitable now, but we may tend to overdo it in some fashion. Either we’re not cognizant of our resources or the true needs of our community, trying to facilitate some sort of offering that doesn’t quite hit the mark.


Our desire for Taurean peace and tranquility clashes with Jupiter in Aquarius’ need for variety and new routines, so we will fare better if we can find a way to play host instead of leaving our homes to engage with others. Social anxiety, in general, could intensify a demand for creature comforts and cause us to attempt to eat or drink away our stress.



Ceres is conjunct Neptune at 6:11 p.m.


In the evening, the asteroid Ceres meets up with Neptune in Pisces, and we should be aware that there are several roles we might fall into playing at this time. We may adopt the role of the over-nurturing mother, and in our zeal to provide support, our energy can quickly become drained. Or, for whatever reason, we may have invested ourselves in some sort of fictional projection, and so all our strength is going into the maintenance of a false ideal, taking a toll on our physical or mental health.


We run the risk of spiritually bypassing others or viewing people as ‘projects’ that can only be saved through our assistance. Regardless of our good intentions, we are likely helping because some part of us wants to be needed, and this is a convenient way to indulge this fantasy under the auspice of selflessness.



The moon is trine Venus at 9:28 p.m.


In the night, the Taurus moon creates a soothing trine with Venus in Capricorn, creating an atmosphere of luxury. Our senses are aroused, and so eating rich foods, sipping sweet or potent drinks, the touch of fabrics or fur, listening to music with strong basslines or drumbeats, or even lounging on soft blankets or pillows, all become augmented forms of stimuli.


Shopping may be a particular vice now, so perhaps add those items to your cart, but opt to check out in the morning when you are feeling less lavish. Time spent with family should be relatively harmonious, but we might choose to use this influence to catch up with one or two of our closest friends or cuddle up to a partner instead. 

All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.