January 7: Emotional Intensity

December 28, 2020

 The moon enters Scorpio at 12:53 a.m., and the moon void of course ends


The moon is opposite Mars at 1:14 a.m.


After midnight, the moon enters Scorpio, ending its void of course which began late last night. While the moon is in Scorpio, we tend to be more reserved about what we share with others, keeping our feelings close to the chest. Intuitive faculties sharpen and emotions intensify. Because this transit amplifies psychic sensibilities, we tend to believe others can read our minds, even though we are simultaneously putting up walls for the sake of secrecy and self-defense, which can cloud our ability to communicate effectively.


This might be especially apparent as the moon opposes Mars, itself having just moved into slow-moving, stubborn Taurus. This influence brings passions to a climax, as Mars in Taurus’ steely assertiveness locks horns with the Scorpio moon’s concentrated intensity. In opposition, these two can produce a furnace within us, just waiting to ignite—or explode. Art, sex, and other chiefly nonverbal channels would be the healthiest outlets for expression at this time, however, we should be aware that we can come across as aggressive and hurt others’ feelings now, too defensive and consumed with our own desires to see where a harsh word or callous action can cut deep.



The moon is square Saturn at 4:54 a.m.


The moon is square Jupiter at 8:11 a.m.


Before sunup, the moon squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, stimulating the desire for personal space. We may isolate ourselves because being around others’ energy seems like too much to handle, and we feel burdened by our responsibilities to our communities, or family in particular. The instinct to blame others for our fears, claiming they are “causing us” to feel a certain way, is reflective instead of an internal crisis, of deep-rooted anxieties about our future, and how we feel limited in our ability to rise to a task. Because we can go into attack mode when crossed, it is perhaps better to understand we are psychologically processing a lot right now and require distance to do so, instead of forcing ourselves to be social and “snap out of it.”


Whereas moon square Saturn gave the sense of emotional contraction, the moon’s square to Jupiter later in the morning amplifies sensitivities, revealing sentiments so intense that they catch us off guard. Ultimately, a release of pent-up emotion is good, because stifling self-expression only makes situations toxic. Nevertheless, we should be cognizant of the company we are in. Some people will organically have the ability to hold space for our feelings, and some won’t. This doesn’t make the relationships in question bad—it just lets us know where we stand. A disappointment in the short-term here will spare us future anguish.




The moon is opposite Uranus retrograde at 12:16 p.m.


At mid-day, the Scorpio moon (which tends to make us rather dependent on relationships with a few close people that we can truly trust), opposes Uranus retrograde (which shakes up this trust by revealing buried secrets). As uncomfortable as this sounds, this exposure serves to help us determine our ethics around a situation, not to close us off more. We set a standard for how we want to be treated through our convictions, and sometimes, our values can’t be solidified unless there is a radical confrontation that forces us to define them.

All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.