January’s Astrology Forecast [Testing Sample]

As anticipated, 2020 was everything but easy—it was a year that tested every single one of us at some level, regardless of our zodiac sign or county of residence. As we head into the new year, it’s calming to know that 2021 holds way less rare planetary alignments, meaning that it will not be as hard of a year.
There will be challenges, but these mainly function as a sequel to the societal issues and voids that were exposed in 2020. We welcome the new year full of hope and expectation, and as soon as the second week arrives, many natal planets change signs to help us turn the page and look forward to the future. But before that, two beautiful Grand Trines inundate our skies!
January begins under a festive Leo moon, which will form a Grand Fire Trine with Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries on the second of January. This is arguably the best possible energy to begin a new chapter, as it helps us feel full of life and enthusiasm. Sparking with creativity, today is better spent brainstorming and getting the creative juices flowing.