Jordan Younger: Air Signs, Wellness, and Gratitude

March 24, 2019

What does it look like when an airy fairy takes on the wellness space? For an aspirational example, look to Jordan Younger, whose Libra sensibilities (coupled with Aquarius rising and a nurturing Cancer moon) have made her health journey one that centers on balance and community—and, of course, a dose of dreaminess.

“I have been totally obsessed and in love with wellness for as long as I can remember,” says Younger. “When I was 14 I was juicing, doing yoga, experimenting with veganism, cutting out gluten, begging my parents to let me do a yoga teacher training in the evenings—the whole works.” A flash-forward to 2013 saw Younger founding her blog-turned-brand, The Blonde Vegan (now The Balanced Blonde, rebranded as Younger expanded her consciousness around health after revealing a struggle with orthorexia, an obsession with “healthy” eating), which covers topics from fitness to fashion to lifestyle, all with an encompassing message of authenticity and intuition in mind.
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In 2016, the blogger expanded her scope to include a podcast, Soul on Fire, which affords her a space to interview experts in wellness and spirituality—and a space to delve deeper into astrology and other means of self-mastery. “I have always been into astrology, but something shifted a couple of years ago after I started my podcast, and I became VERY into it,” says Younger. “I suddenly had the opportunity to speak to experts in the field, and everything they taught me made so much sense. Now I am into Human Design, Astro-Geography, I’m diving deeper into learning about my moon and rising signs, my North Node…all of it!”

Younger’s North Node is in Aquarius, a natural fit as her path toward her calling has been anything but conventional. This theme was cemented in 2017 when she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Suddenly, a passion for plant medicine, veganism, and natural remedies became about survival as well as interest. “I really had to turn to my wellness principles to be able to even get out of bed,” says Younger, who has taken an inside-out approach to her own healing, embarking on a spiritual journey and turning to a blend of holistic and Western remedies.
jordan younger astrology the balanced blonde
In addition to her honesty and commitment to a truly healthy lifestyle—she adheres to an SOS (salt, oil, sugar)-free diet and has a committed yoga practice—Younger’s community was and is formed by her aura of positivity. Whether discussing eating disorders, practices like water fasting, or her journey with Lyme, Younger’s tone is unfailingly sunny, inspiring readers and listeners to approach their own health and healing with similar alacrity. And the stars have helped her harness her true nature and share it with the world. “Astrology is part of my daily practice of understanding myself and my airy, creative nature,” says Younger. “I really live by my astrological chart as well as my Human Design (I am a Reflector in Human Design—1% of the population. Learning about THAT has blown my mind.)”

The secret to Younger’s success and her positivity is seemingly simple: it’s just her gratitude shining through. “I am forever a student of wellness, and I love being able to do it for a living so much.”

Jordan Younger is the founder of The Balanced Blonde and author of Breaking Vegan: One Woman’s Journey from Veganism, Extreme Dieting, and Orthorexia to a More Balanced Life. She is also the host of the Soul on Fire podcast. Find her on Instagram at @thebalancedblonde