July 2024 Astrology Forecast: Turn Dreams Into Reality

June 28, 2024

Summer is in full effect, and the lively astrology of this season only gets more authentic with time. Support is the name of the game in July and as Cancer season progresses, so does the time to nurture ourselves and those we care about most. That’s especially the case with Neptune, the planet of the unseen (think, mysticism, deception, and spirituality), entering its retrograde period for the next five months. This energy pushes us out of our self-imposed delusions, creating a new perspective for us to navigate treacherous and somewhat confusing waters. 

Because of this introspective energy a la Neptune retrograde, the dichotomy of the self and others takes center stage this month. In other words, we’re pushed to reflect on our inner world:  our personal goals, authenticity, and legacy, while also being extra intentional with our relationships with others and the energy we fuel into sustaining healthy and productive connections in the long term. The collective is on a journey of rediscovering what it means to show up authentically for ourselves based on how we fit in the world—so while you’re working on becoming more aligned with yourself, it’s important to take into account the gifts you have to offer others and the world. What legacy are you working to leave behind in the world?

Neptune retrograde in Pisces is Shattering Illusions

Neptune, the planet of daydreams, spirituality, and illusions, begins its nearly five-month-long retrograde journey on July 2, 2024, in its home sign of Pisces—where it’s been stationed since 2011. The slow-moving planet spends about 14 years in a sign and goes retrograde for about five months each year, providing time for much-needed pause and introspection. 

This specific retrograde, Neptune is shaking us out of our over simplistic or grandiose expectations of ourselves and the world around us. For the next five months, you may be letting go of outgrown convictions, be it within your relationship standards or within your own self-value. Your intuition may also be heightened right now and have the power to remove doubt or confusion in areas that have taken up your psyche. Think of it as a spiritual—and mental—vibe check! 

I asked Astrologer Tamerri Ater, AstroFashionista about Neptune Retrograde: “It’s super important to pay attention to your dreams, visions and psychic downloads while Neptune is retrograde. This is key for unlocking the mysteries of your own subconscious. Keep a dream journal – you can record a voice note or write notes on your phone. Dream interpretation is an effective method for self discovery and healing.”

New Moon in Cancer Is Supporting Our Manifestations

Emotional reinforcements are headed your way on July 5 when the new moon moves into its ruler, Cancer, and boy, does it feel good! Generally, new moons are about reflection, manifestation, and planning. The moon is in its domicile in Cancer—translation: it loves being in Cancer—and the motherly water sign is nurturing the goals we set under this supportive lunation. But it’ll take a lot of introspection and self-care to reciprocate the outward care that Cancer energy calls for. 

Meaning, this is the time to turn into yourself, identify your emotional needs, and foster the type of love you need in order to set forth into material matters. Are you overextending your energy in ways that you neglect your own needs? The desire to pause your own healing to show up for others may feel like a responsibility—but remember, you can only be of service to others if you’re good for it, so nurturing yourself is as necessary as it is to be that source of support for others.

Full moon in Capricorn Reassesses Our Responsibilities

The full moon on July 21 brings an opportunity to let go of your inhibitions as it rises in stern and responsible Capricorn. There’s a sense of duty to move forward, even in the face of burnout or overwhelming emotions, but as full moons typically go, there’s also a dire need to release energy that can hinder you from actualizing those goals. Assess the distractions in your life that are setting back certain long-term goals—Capricorn is asking you to limit these disturbances and focus on your vision board instead.

As the sun makes a peaceful trine to Neptune in Pisces, you may notice a sense of clarity as it relates to your inner world, so take advantage of this newfound lucidity to create new, long-lasting systems that will further you along your way. That could be joining a gym, taking action in your spiritual practices, or replacing certain routines with ones that are productive to the ambitions you’ve set for yourself this year and beyond.

Sun Comes Home to Leo

Fun times are in store as the sun returns home in its native sign of Leo on July 22. The pleasure-seeking energy is infiltrating your summer to help you pour in feel-good vibes for the rest of the season. Allow your creative energy to fill in the mundane energy—there’s beauty even in the humdrum of responsibilities and reality. Leo season is about serving the self, and ultimately, is challenging you to make your own fun, whether that’s prioritizing artistic pursuits, romance, or whatever you need to feel most like yourself. 

This is an auspicious era to practice being authentic. Jumping all into activities, hobbies, and endeavors that help you return to that part of yourself that feels genuine is what Leo is all about—so embrace all of yourself, and radically accept what it means to be true to that version.