This Full Moon in Sagittarius Is an Emotional Battleground

June 16, 2019

At 1:31 a.m. PST on June 17, 2019, the full moon will be in Sagittarius (25°54’).

There’s always something climactic about a full moon. But this month, it’s more than just the lunar energies coming to a head. Since the new moon two weeks ago, Jupiter and Neptune have been inching closer and closer toward their second square of the year, and it’s in full effect at the Sagittarius full moon.

What Does This Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean?

With this full moon conjunct its ruler Jupiter (currently retrograde, but still living large in his own sign), anticipate a bit of extra fuel on the emotional fire. Whatever feelings are getting stirred up for us, the volume on them is cranked up to eleven—and it’s likely we’re being a little extra about expressing them.

Then we have Neptune in Pisces, casting his spell and blurring the lines of fantasy and reality. Neptune can help us tune in to valuable messages from our intuition, but he also makes it easier to tune out truths we don’t want to hear.
Still, the truth is out there—and with the curious Gemini sun opposing the adventurous Sag moon, we won’t want to rest until we find it! But Sag’s unbridled enthusiasm could make us a little overzealous about the answers we discover. If you catch yourself in fundamentalist mode, trying to convert all the “nonbelievers,” you might want to stop and ask yourself why everyone needs to think like you.

After all, with lines being drawn right now between stern Capricorn and sensitive Cancer, disagreements can get pretty heated around this full moon. We’ll save ourselves (and each other) a lot of trouble by choosing our battles wisely!

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

Throughout 2019, the north node in Cancer has been helping us get in touch with our feelings and get more comfortable expressing them. But with a tight Mercury/Mars conjunction in the sign right now, emotions are really packing a punch. We’re rawer, more vulnerable, and if we feel threatened or cornered, the claws could come out at a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile, the south node, retrograde Saturn, and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn continue to dig up unresolved issues around structure, discipline, and authority figures—not exactly our favorite things to deal with under the free-spirited Sagittarius moon!

But as frustrating as it is to come up against setbacks and roadblocks, we don’t have to see them as the enemy. With true Sagittarian optimism, we can choose instead to see them as teachable moments, opportunities to build character and gain mastery.

Still, even with the most positive attitude, this full moon can feel like an emotional battleground. Fortunately, we’ve got a secret weapon in our arsenal: Compassionate Neptune, in harmonious aspects with both the Cancer and Capricorn planets, helps to defuse tensions and gives us the courage to choose love over fear. Neptune’s transcendent perspective can help us to see past our differences to the underlying unity that connects us, even in the most polarizing situations.

Read on for your sun sign (and rising, if you know it) to learn more about the energies of this full moon:

Horoscopes for the June 2019 Full Moon in Sagittarius


The universe may have your back, Sag, but that doesn’t mean you should take abundance for granted—especially not when it’s coming to you through the generosity of a loved one. They’re probably happy to help, but we bet they’d also appreciate a “please” or “thank you” now and then.


Mind over matter, Capricorn! You know better than most that the right attitude makes all the difference in life. Still, not all challenges can be overcome through sheer willpower—especially not where your health is concerned. Get any medical issues checked out, and ask for whatever you need to heal.


It’s great to keep your eye on the prize, Aquarius. But if you’re seeing every social interaction as a networking opportunity, you may be missing the big picture. Counterintuitive as it may seem, you’ll get much further by dropping the talking points and engaging in real conversation.


Shameless self-promotion? Pisces, we know that’s not your style. But right now, you’re so close to receiving the recognition you deserve that we’d hate to see you let modesty get in your way. You may not feel worthy, but sometimes you’ve just got to fake it till you make it.


You’ve come a long way, Aries! Whether you’ve been climbing the corporate ladder or off exploring the world, you’ve broadened your horizons and moved on to bigger, better things. Celebrate where your journey has taken you, but don’t forget your roots—deep down, you’re still the same.


No one’s questioning your work ethic, Taurus. But not everything you have can be attributed to your own blood, sweat, and tears. Chances are, you’ve benefitted from someone else sharing their time, resources, or wisdom with you. Now it’s your turn to do the same for someone else.


“You complete me.” Gemini, it sounds romantic in theory—but if this is how you’re actually thinking about someone in your life, you’re selling yourself short. After all, the qualities you find so attractive in them are a part of you, too. (Unfortunately, the same goes for the annoying ones!)


Rules and tradition have their place in your life, Cancer. But when push comes to shove, your heart is your ultimate authority.  Trust it to guide you through the confusion as moral and ethical lines seem to get blurrier every day, and abstract ideals make less and less practical sense.


Authenticity is a beautiful thing, Leo. But what you think of as the “real” you may not translate well in every situation. We’d never ask you to be someone else, but sometimes it’s wise to read the room and adapt to your surroundings—rather than demanding they adapt to you.


Taking one for the team again, Virgo? Sacrificing personal preferences for the greater good can feel pretty good… but it shouldn’t be your default setting.  Give yourself the time and space you need to figure out what you want, then talk it over with everyone else.


If you don’t stand for something, Libra, you’ll fall for anything. But when both sides of a debate are making equally valid points, it can be hard to figure out where you stand. Make your choice and commit to it—you won’t make everyone happy, but you’ll earn their respect.


Do you believe in magic, Scorpio? Better things are coming your way, but with little evidence of improvement at the moment, we can’t blame you for being cynical. Look within, though, and you’ll find you have everything you need… at least for now. The rest will come in time.

Art by Marela