June Astrology Forecast: Magnetizing Abundance Under Lucky Stars

May 31, 2023

Welcome to one of the most positive months of 2023! While this year’s themes of accelerated evolution will continue to ripple through the collective, positive alignments reawaken our inner trust. Professional astrologer and actress Ally Lewber is excited to share that “with Mercury retrograde and the intense eclipse season behind us, this month’s energy shift is offering us a fresh and exciting start!”

We begin June under solar beams shinning blighty in the air, mutable sign of Gemini, which according to Lewber, “is a great time to activate our bodies as well as our minds, inspiring us to go out, socialize, get a bit flirty, but also, be curious.” Besides being given a lively stage, we are also receiving confidence and boldness, “which we can get the most out of by simply having a positive mindset. It’s time to trust that great things are coming our way and be free and open to any possibility!” 

Jupiter Conjunct the North Node

In fact, being in a positive mindset will set us up for success in the month ahead! On June 1, a rare meet-up between Jupiter and the Lunar Node of Destiny inspires us to magnetize exactly what we now need to set our lives in a positive direction. Under this energy, destined events can bring like-minded people in the form of gurus or teachers that can help us manifest a dream come true. 

Happening at 3 degrees of Taurus, this conjunction hasn’t happened since 2010 and could be a major and positive turning point. This is especially true for those who experienced a loss last month during eclipse season. Look at the house ruled by Taurus in your chart and expect an incoming flux of abundance under the Sagittarius full moon, which rises in the sky two days after this sweet conjunction perfects, on Saturday, June 3 at 8:42 p.m. Pacific Time. 

Venus Enters Leo

Our other benefic, Pleasure Goddess Venus, doesn’t stay behind, and on June 5, it enters Leo to add a dash of drama to our lives! This is the June astrological transit Lewber is most excited about, “As the planet of love and pleasure leaves the homebody sign of Cancer and enters fierce and playful Leo, we will be trading in our house slippers for our favorite heels…let’s go girls!” “This is going to feel so good; we’re going to have a boost in confidence, heightened self-expression, and motivation to remember that we are the main character of our lives,” she adds.  

The transit of Venus in Leo is one to watch, as Venus is scheduled to go retrograde in this fiery sign from July 22 to September 3. Venus only stays in a sign for three weeks, but due to its retrograde motion, Venus will stay in the Lion’s territory until October 7! Something is going to deeply change and transform in the Leo part of our charts, and on June 5, we could receive clues about it. 

Retrograde Pluto Enters Capricorn

According to Lewber, retrograde Pluto re-entering Capricorn on June 11 will be this month’s most impactful transit for the collective. “Pluto, the planet of the underworld and transformation, doesn’t go unnoticed when it makes a change, we may not notice it on a personal level, impacting our day-to-day lives, but we will definitely feel it collectively as Pluto is heading back into Capricorn for its last hurrah.” 

Pluto first entered Aquarius on March 23, but it must go back to Capricorn to wrap up the work it has been doing in this cardinal earth sign since 2007. Due to Pluto’s snail pace movement, this is a deeply transformative but long process that extends all the way to November of 2024! “Pluto is finishing up its contract with Capricorn, the career and money-oriented sign, but it’s about to make a revolutionary transition into Aquarius. We may notice this first within our government and in the news before it trickles down to affect our everyday lives. However, get excited because Pluto is currently setting the stage for massive new advancements, things like AI, space travel, and environmental activism will be coming to the forefront,” she adds. 

Saturn Goes Retrograde

Another planetary backspin that takes us back to March is Saturn’s retrograde, which will be felt immensely, as it occurs on the same day as the June 17 new moon in Gemini. Since March 3, the teacher planet has been swimming in the waters of Pisces, a sign that diminishes its powers. This planet sign combination relates to a three-year process that strives to dissolve our society’s old structures, in favor of building new ones. From now until November 4, we will review the progress we have so far made within this process of dissolution. 

Since the sun will be forming its bi-annual square with Neptune as Saturn stations retrograde in the same zodiac sign, this is not a new moon to set intentions. Instead, it is a time of surrender and letting go of whatever is being “disappeared” in the area of our charts ruled by Pisces. 

Summer Solstice 2023

Then, after letting go, we receive another beginning in the form of a seasonal shift. On June 21 at 7:58 a.m. Pacific Time, the sun enters the cardinal sign Cancer, deepening the influence of the water element. A profound sense of nostalgia takes over us as we take emotional walks down memory lane. After all, this is the solar season of the year that takes us back to our past and our ancestral roots. 

The last few days of June could feel quite foggy and disoriented for some as Neptune stations retrograde on June 30. But with the sun floating through the warm waters of the sign of the Crab, the sky is gracing us with cosmic permission to rest, reset, and reminisce. As we wrap up the month, our meditative and spiritual practices not only function as guidance, they are the refuge we seek in a world that is in constant movement.