June 2024 Astrology Forecast: A Month of Doing What’s Best for You! 

May 31, 2024

Welcome to June! The month where we explore diversity, the summer solstice, new adventures, creative passions, connecting with our emotions and establishing the security and stability in life, love, and peace. Earthy-grounding May has come to an end. May taught us a lot about self-worth, boundaries, finances, environments, and the relationships around us. With June being the mid-year RESET we need, May’s energy will be utilized and taken to new heights in June and will allow us to focus on creating and building the life we deserve! 

June starts off with the sun in Gemini, along with the planet Mercury entering Gemini just two days later. We end the month with the sun’s move into Cancer. Being curious, emotionally intimate and open-minded is key this month. 

June is diverse, informative, and may feel challenging to understand and fully grasp as an individual. With Cancer season closing out June, this month will put you through a test of navigating through fear, change, emotional intimacy, and the unknown. But when you make it to the finish line, you’ll feel stronger, prouder, and have so much more confidence, clarity & direction of where you’re heading next on your journey.


What better way to celebrate diversity than celebrating the gender identities and communities of PRIDE! A vital month for celebration, advocacy, education, and community building that is needed with the ongoing struggles for equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. 

PRIDE being in the seasons of Gemini and Cancer is such a YES moment. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which represents the principles of communication, adaptability, and education. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents our spiritual nature, the public and our subconscious mind. This is the month of visibility and awareness that educates the broader public about the history and rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Mercury Enters Expressive Gemini

Gemini is HOME baby! Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and with this energy expect communication, ideas, multitasking, and curiosity to be at an all time high. This energy is young and refreshing, but also quite draining and overwhelming as you may feel like you’re being pulled in a dozen different directions. It’s a beneficial time to be sociable, learn something new, read, and teach. This energy will demand attention and adjustments to challenges in your life that require you to get on top of your game by getting more organized and focused on completing unfinished business. Mercury then enters Cancer on June 17 where we move from the quantity to the quality of what we take in, feel and express. It’s a major time for you to take care of your mental health as energy will feel more intimate, emotional, intellectual, deep and moody. This energy is a little more challenging as lots of nostalgia, memories, heart to heart, and intuitive energy will be high, showing you where you need to take care of you, your emotions, your environment and your peace.

New Me, New Moon In Gemini

New Goals. New Ideas. New Manifestations. On June 6, this new moon at 16 degrees in Gemini is a great time to manifest and get your vision boards together for your next six month goals. We’re at the halfway mark of 2024, and this new moon will bring the energy of re-evaluating your mind and communication, with the way you process and learn new information. The right bit of information can change your life. Stay open minded. Spiritual awakenings and angel messages will be frequent, bringing much clarity into your life. Focus on what your next steps will be on your current journey. New habits, new routines, new visions. Tapping into hustle mode and finding the strength to overcome obstacles pertaining to your mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs will be vital this new moon.

Mars Slowly Moves into Taurus

Taking your time. Embracing your sensuality. Security and stability being the focus. June 9 Mars enters Taurus. Mars is in detriment in Taurus, meaning it’s uncomfortable there. The fast paced planet now has to slow down and take its time with everything pertaining to action and motivation. 
Just like Astrologer Kelly Surtees (Kellyastrology.com) said, “This period can inspire you to do less, but also to stick with your schedule.” Remind yourself of your power, talents and self worth as you’ll feel stubborn or lazy to push yourself. Dig deeper. Focus on things that keep you motivated. Don’t get caught up on putting too much pressure on yourself and feeling like you have to have it all figured out. Honor your mental, physical and sexual needs. Do everything with grace and with perseverance.

Venus and the Sun Swim Into Cancer

The water element will increase on June 17 and June 20 as the summer solstice begins and the water element energy increases. This energy will encourage you to focus on what makes you feel comfortable and fulfilled. Be more empathetic when approaching everyday life. Sensitivity will be high as you’ll be analyzing your emotions more. Expect an increase in romance, softness, nostalgia, financial abundance, affection and dedication. Especially when the asteroid Vesta moves into Leo on June 19. Intuition will grow stronger. Be careful of letting insecurities and emotional baggage get in the way of your growth. Focus on frequent self-care and creative and artistic activities.

Strawberry Full Moon In Capricorn

This is a time to give yourself the flowers and strawberries you deserve, as this is peak strawberry harvest season and a full moon of sweetness. Full moons are all about releasing, cleansing and shedding away the old cycles and energy. On June 21, this full moon shows you where you need to make space and be self aware of how you show gratitude for the hard work, discipline, and consistency you do in your daily life. Especially for the completion of the first half of 2024. Full moons illuminate, so this one is shining a light on making sure you give yourself the extra love you need. “Leave the past behind you and practice gratitude,” as astrologer Kate Rose stated. 

Don’t seek validation from anywhere else but yourself. Reflect on your work-life balance, and make the changes to balance out how you need to schedule yourself in more,  without overwhelming yourself with the unnecessary responsibilities of work and life. A true karmic rebirth.