Jupiter’s Dance in Gemini: A Year of Tech, Travel, and Transformation

May 18, 2024

Astrology is a powerful tool for both self exploration and a glimpse into the energy that lies ahead for you. The movement of the sun, moon and planets closest to the sun (Mercury, Venus, Mars), can indicate the vibe of the day, week and month depending on how fast the planet is moving and if it’s retrograde or not. But the big, noticeable events in our lives are usually prompted by bigger astrological occurrences like eclipses, planetary transits to personal planets in our birth charts, and the movement of outer planets into a new sign our house in our natal chart.

Jupiter is an outer planet that moves faster than Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It spends approximately one year in a zodiac sign, has an orbit of 4,332 days (11.862 years), so it takes about 12 years to return to the position it was when you were born. Jupiter’s 12 year cycles can tell us a lot about where we will experience both personal and societal growth and expansion. Categorized as “the greater benefic” (Venus is the lesser), Jupiter represents opportunity, fortune, abundance and expanding horizons. It’s the traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces (Neptune is Pisces’ modern ruler), and it is generally associated with good luck. However, this is not always the case and we’ll get to why that is in a moment.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter moved into Taurus almost exactly a year ago on May 16, 2023. Fixed earth sign Taurus is ruled by Venus, so when the two benefits link up energetically, there’s naturally more abundance, excess and pleasure. Taurus and Venus both govern money and material goods, so Jupiter has put a focus on these areas as well as nature and earth over the past year. With the influence of Uranus also in Taurus, globally we’ve experienced unexpected natural disasters, an overall rise in pricing (inflation talk anyone?), but on the more positive side, 200 countries agreed to transition away from fossil fuels to help fight climate change during a United Nations conference December 2023. So while Jupiter can bring gifts and spiritual growth, it can also bring excess and put an emphasis on problems that need to be solved.

Jupiter in Gemini – A Blast to the Past 

Jupiter will leave Taurus for Gemini on May 25, 2024, ushering in a new cycle of expansion for us all. The last transit of Jupiter in Gemini was June 11, 2012 through June 25, 2013. Gemini is ruled by the communication planet Mercury. In Roman mythology Mercury was the messenger god and is connected to information, travel and in our modern times, technology. When Jupiter and Mercury team up, information can spread far and wide since Jupiter is connected to foreign places and people. It can also bring a focus on fast technological innovation and media. But there is a flip side to this energy – Mercury was known for being a trickster and Jupiter in Gemini is considered to be in its “detriment,” according to essential dignity in astrology. Because Juipter rules Sagittarius and Gemini is the opposite sign, Jupiter has to operate in an energy opposite from what it’s used to. This can be the cause of misinformation and miscommunication, similar to a mercury retrograde. But on a more positive note, it can bring advances related to communication, technology and travel. Here are some notable events that happened during Jupiter’s last transit to Gemini:

  • Edward Snowden, NSA contractor leaked internal documents to The Washington Post 
  • The FAA moved forward with plans to start regulating domestic drone flights & there was an increase in drone services 
  • It was a big year for Tech Billionaire Elon Musk with Tesla turning it’s first ever quarterly profit, SpaceX made history, and his release of the Hyperloop high-speed transportation system design from Los angeles to San Francisco 
  • Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post, announced the next generation of Kindle Fires, and the use of drones to transport packages via air 
  • The largest consumer-facing app (Healthcare.gov) built by the government crashed after launching 
  • Bitcoin gained momentum and became a priority topic for multiple governments 
  • The Twitter IPO
  • Snapchat continued to grow and turned down acquisition offers from Facebook and Google  
  • The FDA ruled that 23andMe’s genomics test violated federal regulations 

And this is just to name “a few….” In “Mercury” style, I could keep going with more information about what happened while Jupiter was last in Gemini that was technology, information/media, and travel related.

Jupiter in Gemini May 25, 2024- June 9, 2025

We can anticipate that this upcoming Jupiter in Gemini transit will bring about similar themes in the realm of technology, media and communication, but the influence of other planets will add another element to this Jupiter transit. There will be an abundance of mutable energy present during this time with Saturn and Neptune both in mutable water sign Pisces. Our upcoming eclipse cycle will also move to mutable signs with the moon’s north node’s entrance into Pisces and the south node’s entrance into Virgo January 2025, and a Pisces lunar eclipse on September 17, 2024. The mutable signs in astrology are the four signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), that coincide with the shift from the middle of a season to the start of a new one. Mid-spring is Taurus season and Gemini season is spring before we shift to summer. Mutable energy is about change, so with the upcoming mutable energy of Jupiter in Gemini coinciding with planets in its fellow mutable signs, we have big shifts on the horizon related to the aforementioned areas that both Gemini and Jupiter govern.

How to Harness Jupiter in Gemini

If you have personal planets or points in mutable signs (Rising, sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars), this is sure to be a transformative time for you. You may begin to feel a shift late May/early June 2024 when Jupiter makes a trine (positive aspect) to transformative Pluto in Aquarius. Media related projects, learning and studying, connecting with foreigners, and language are all supported while Jupiter is in Gemini.  

Here’s the area of life where you may experience expansion, growth, knowledge, abundance, luck and excess, for each zodiac sign. Read for your sun, moon and rising signs:

  • Aries sun/rising – Communication, short-distance travel, siblings, & distant relatives 
  • Taurus sun/rising – Finances, material wealth, self-worth 
  • Gemini sun/rising – Self, personality, physical body 
  • Cancer sun/rising – Subconscious, karma, unseen forces  
  • Leo sun/rising – Friends, network, hopes and wishes 
  • Virgo sun/rising – Career, reputation 
  • Libra sun/rising – Travel, higher education, spirituality, marketing 
  • Scorpio sun/rising – Resources with others, occult subjects, sex 
  • Sagittarius sun/rising – Romantic and platonic relationships and partnerships
  • Capricorn sun/rising – Daily routine, work, health 
  • Aquarius sun/rising – Creativity, children, self-expression 
  • Pisces sun/rising – Home, family, ancestry 

It’s sure to be an expansive time for us all (pun intended), so get ready. If you want more specific information about how Jupiter in Gemini will affect you based on your birth chart, check out Astrology + – your personalized guide to the stars.